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Today, the Lisbon Council publishes a sharp and timely new e-brief, written by our excellent Economic Advisor Alessandro Leipold, a former acting director of the European Department at the IMF. It’s a good moment to weigh in, with the European Council taking stock of the Van Rompoy taskforce on economic governance later this week. Personally,… » read more

The Belgian government was left in chaos in April after Belgium’s King Albert II accepted the resignation of the Flemish Christian democrat and Prime Minister, Yves Leterme – Leterme’s third resignation since July 2008. This was the latest installation in the long-term power struggle between the country’s French-speaking Walloons and Flemish-speaking majority. Leterme’s five-month old… » read more

Van Rompuy Saves the Day

This post is a brief summary of Eurocomment’s Briefing Note vol. 7.6. Herman Van Rompuy’s first European Council as President turned out to be Van Rompuy’s Council. This was in some respects rather surprising, because the Greek crisis hijacked the meeting and reduced the time available for discussion of the Council’s original agenda to little… » read more

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