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Exactly 30 years ago on this day, in the heart of Beijing, in a square named after The Gate of Heavenly Peace (or “Tiananmen” in Mandarin Chinese), the morning was anything but peaceful   Machine gun fire rang out as heavily armed troops supported by tanks and armoured personnel carriers drove into crowds of unarmed… » read more

  Posted by Key to Europe

I had the honour to contribute with the following editorial to the May Newsletter of the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) dedicated to ‘tobacco and trade‘. On 31st May, we celebrate the World Health Organization (WHO) initiated World No Tobacco Day which this year focuses on tobacco and lung health. While the health-harmful nature of… » read more

  Posted by Zoltán Massay-Kosubek

Bribery and corruption are an international, significant menace within the world of modern business. ISO 37001 is a guidance publication from the International Organisation of Standardisation (ISO) specifically aimed at helping businesses and institutions combat the insidious threat of bribery. Internally devised ethical charters lack the necessary efficacy to be relied upon alone. Universal external… » read more

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Volodymyr Zelenskiy was inaugurated as Ukraine’s sixth president on May 20 after winning a landslide victory supported by a high anti-establishment vote. Zelenskiy is new to politics in general and barely has an election program. His ties to Ukrainian oligarch Ihor Kolomoysky, whose 1+1 TV Channel hosts Servant of the People in which Zelenskiy is… » read more

  Posted by UkraineAtWar

For decades, the voter turnout in the European Parliament (EP) elections has been constantly decreasing. From 61,99% in 9 member states of the then European Community in 1979, to 42,54% in 2014 in the EU-28 format. This tendency has particularly applied to the Czech Republic; the country had the 5th lowest voter turnout in both… » read more

  Posted by EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy

This week we are all called, as European citizens, to elect our next European Parliament. AEGEE has done a lot this year connected to the upcoming elections. We advocated for our generation to make a change and vote, we reached thousands of young people to help them understand better how the European Union works and… » read more

  Posted by Key to Europe

Article published by our partner EYES ON EUROPE: After a 2 hours conference on his political program, Yanis Varoufakis agreed to join us for a tête-à-tête interview. He gave us some insights into his personal motivation and how he would like to spend his free time. Although his political project is foredoomed, he may bring… » read more

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