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Tribune – Michel Thibault, consultant en stratégie de développement, ancien chargé de mission en collectivités territoriales, à savoir le Conseil Régional Provence Alpes Côtes d’Azur. Validée par le Conseil constitutionnel, la privatisation de Groupe ADP continue de défrayer la chronique et à faire monter au créneau des élus de tous bords. Le gouvernement n’a de… » read more

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Deux mois après les élections européennes qui se sont déroulées du 23 au 26 mai 2019, les désignations des présidences des différentes institutions se sont accélérées. Dans cet article, nous allons aborder le renouveau de quatre postes clés de l’Union européenne, dit « top jobs » : la présidence de la Commission européenne, la présidence de la Banque… » read more

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The recent escalation of the conflict over natural resources near Cyprus is likely to worsen the relationship between the European Union and Turkey and has already led to sanctions being imposed on Ankara by the EU. However, European elections taking place amid this dispute produced a landmark result on the ethnically and politically divided island.… » read more

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Having hardly enough time to come round from the presidential campaign, Ukrainian voters will march to the polling stations again as soon as this Sunday, but this time – to elect a new Parliament. Which parties advocate moving toward the EU and are willing to implement corresponding reforms, and which will presumably sabotage this movement?… » read more

  Posted by Ukrainian Think Tanks Liaison Office in Brussels

Just over a year ago, on May 25, the General Data Protection Regulation (commonly known as the GDPR[1]) was adopted by the European Union (EU) Member States. This regulation marked not only an important development for the field of data protection and its harmonisation across the Union, but also highlighted the debate between security and… » read more

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In November 2017, The European Commission launched the contest “Challenge to Solve” which invites citizens and scientists to rethink the way new technologies are used in the context of humanitarian aid[1]. With this contest that ends in January 2020, the EU sheds light onto the “Agenda for Humanity” brought forward by the UN Secretary-General Ban… » read more

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The French Minister of Economy and Finance Bruno Le Maire was invited to give his point of view about European macroeconomics and governance and more precisely about the last month’s agreement (June) on the Eurozone budget, meant to take effect by 2021. According to him, this agreement can be considered as a real revolution because… » read more

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  Article Review: “Realism” by Jack Donnelly in Burchill et. al., eds. , Theories of International Relations New York: Palgrave, 2005), pp: 29-54 In my blog piece, I will try to analyze J. Donnelly’s article. In this article, the author is trying to find the answer of the question of “what are realism’s characteristic forms,… » read more

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2. L’impact multiplicateur puissant du nouveau corridor ferroviaire eurasien en Asie centrale. 2. 1 Accélération des réformes économiques  En devenant un nœud ferroviaire opérationnel au cœur de la liaison rail eurasiatique, le Kazakhstan va finalement permettre de débloquer un potentiel considérable de développement économique, de commerce et d’exportations dans les pays d’Asie centrale, non seulement… » read more

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  To boost its development cooperation and to fill funding gaps, the European Union is increasingly resorting to “blending”. While using tax payer-funded aid to encourage the engagement of private companies and investors in development can be helpful in certain cases, new Oxfam research has confirmed that private money is not a magical tool to… » read more

  Posted by Oxfam's EU Advocacy office in Brussels

Shortly before taking off to Japan for the G20 summit in late June, Russian President Vladimir Putin took the time for an extensive interview with the Financial Times. He was asked about current international hot topics such as the Middle East, North Korea, trade relations, and Venezuela as well as Russian domestic challenges. Putin seized… » read more

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Avec le nouvel axe ferroviaire transcontinental eurasiatique, l’Asie centrale se retrouve désenclavée. L’Union européenne peut y trouver un atout majeur pour la réussite de la mise en œuvre de sa nouvelle “Stratégie pour un partenariat renforcé UE Asie Centrale“ adoptée lors du Conseil européen du 17 Juin 2019. Le dialogue et la coopération de l’UE… » read more

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