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Active weekends

Slovenians seem to be quite hard-working and busy during the week, so it would make sense to think that they will take it easy in their spare time. And so they do, but probably only when it rains. All other weather conditions are a perfect excuse to hit the road and engage in some kind… » read more

In communist times, the link between effort and wealth was a rather faint one. Until 20 years ago, any Slovenian would be almost equally rich as his neighbour. No matter what profession either of them had and no matter how much effort either of them put into their jobs. Times have changed. Converting effort into… » read more

Post Yugoslav Era

Up until 1991, Slovenia was part of Yugoslavia which, for almost a century, showed itself to the world as a show case for multi-state federalism. United under dictator Tito, Slovenes shared an artificially created country with Croats, Serbians, Bosnians, Kosovars, Macedonians, Vojvodinians and Montenegrans. Little of that is left. Slovenia is now a country of… » read more

Nr. 21: Slovenia

Slovenia is a small country squeezed in between the Balkan, the Mediterranean and the Alps. Its two million inhabitants became EU citizens on 1 May 2004 and the country has been steadily catching up with `older` EU members. Original post by Bruno

Getting from Hungary to Slovenia requires careful targeting. Slovenia and Hungary only share a 100-km border, and the cross-border links are minimal to almost non-existent. Only two decent roads cross the border, added to a rail link between Budapest and Slovenia`s capital Ljubljana that is only serviced once a day. My mission for today is… » read more

Of all the different people I have met on this trip so far, Hungarians seem to be the least attached to their TV. Greeks seemed to have one for every few square meters in the house, with the one in the kitchen preferably switched on all day. Some Portuguese housewives ? so I was told… » read more

Hungarians are fed up with domestic politics. Recent years have shown staggering growth in the Hungarian economy, politicians have fallen over each other and over themselves and none of the political parties has been able to drag Hungary out of the crisis it is currently going through. Prices are up, unemployment is up, the government… » read more

Chers lecteurs, Un petit post pour vous announcer la création de notre brochure en Français. N’hésitez pas à la consulter afin de découvrir les multiples avantages de l’ouverture d’un blog sur notre plateforme dédiée aux affaires européennes. La brochure Blogactiv Original post by Pierre-Antoine Rousseau

The EU is dragging its feet over the Western Balkans, warns Wolfgang Petritsch, the EU’s former Special Envoy to Kosovo. He urges the Union to draw on its experience with Bulgaria and Romania to accommodate the special needs of the Balkan states SPRING 2008 Click here to read the full article Original post by Europe’s… » read more

PES Women brings together women – MPs, MEPs and activists – from PES member parties to discuss and promote gender equality within and outside the Party of European Socialists. PES Women has its own section on Yourspace where many topics have been brought up and debated since the beginning of the PES manifesto consultation in… » read more

Upon completion of `Us Europeans`, scheduled for 1 August 2008, I will have spoken to several thousands of young people living in the European Union. About their daily lives, their countries, their traditions and ambitions, their frustrations and hopes. Up until now, most of the articles have been related to a subject rather than a… » read more

In late March the President of the Party of European Socialists (PES), Poul Nyrup Rasmussen , took the floor as blogger on Yourspace – the website of the open consultation on priorities for Europe’s socialists and social democrats in the 2009 elections. Among other things Poul Nyrup Rasmussen invites all party members and PES […]… » read more

Auteure du livre “Vers une nouvelle stratégie politique “entre l’Afrique et l’Europe, j’assure également la promotion de mon ouvrage. Je vous le résume en quelques lignes afin peut-être de faire l’objet d’un article chez vous. La première partie de mon ouvrage évoque les différentes crises que nous rencontrons. Crise de l’Etat, crise de la société,… » read more

The EU has come a long way since the initial six members founded the Coal and Steel Community in 1951. Since then, the EU has grown, not only in terms of members, but also in terms of substance. Membership or rather the prospect of membership, coupled with the very substance of EU cooperation, e.g. Justice… » read more

No country likes to see its territory distributed among its neighbours. Still, this happened to Hungary a number of times. The most drastic reduction took place in 1920, when the infamous Trianon Treaty was signed. The treaty allocated more than 70% of the territory to neighbouring countries and cut the size of the population of… » read more

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