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Turkmenistan has agreed to supply 10 billion cubic metres of natural gas to the European Union each year.? The question is how this quantity will be transported to the EU.? EU external relations commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner announced that the Turkmen president, Kurbanguly Berdymukhamedov promised to ’set aside’ this amount for EU buyers. It is […]… » read more

Like, don`t like

Rainy days, the alarm clock ringing in the morning, bumping into somebody you just did not feel like meeting.. Some annoyances are universal. So are many of the things we all like: music, food, one or several places to call home. Today, I am asking people in Slovenia about what they like and what annoys… » read more

It`s time for another article about language: the Slovenian language this time as I am still in Ljubljana. Slovenian is part of the South-Slavic group of languages, which further includes Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian and Bulgarian. Contrary to Serbian and Bulgarian, Slovenian is written in Latin letters. Slovenian distantly shares some words with Slovakian, but many… » read more

Les graves malentendus qui sont en train de naître à l’occasion des évènements récents du Tibet et des Jeux Olympiques, m’amènent à prendre la parole car ce qui se passe montre la nécessité de poursuivre à tout prix et d’amplifier le Forum China-Europa. Les échos qui nous parviennent de Chine montrent que l’incompréhension à l’égard… » read more

Dreams and ambitions

Dreams and reality are two separate things, and directing one towards the other is yet another discipline. Then, there`s the difference between childhood dreams, grown-up dreams and illusions. Today, I am asking some people in the centre of Ljubljana: what did you want to become when you were a child, what have you become and… » read more

    European funds Related EU Grant Loans Programme(s): Grants for actions aimed at preventing and reducing risks of terrorist attacks and at protecting critical infrastructure Public provocation to commit terrorist offences as well as recruitment and training for terrorism, also via the Internet, will be regarded as criminal offences and punishable as such in… » read more

Within the next couple of months, the fate of an EU directive protecting against discrimination on the grounds of age, disability, sexual orientation and religion/belief in all areas of life will be decided by the European Commission and the European Council. At the moment, there are signs that this directive will not include sexual orientation,… » read more

It is not likely know, what the situation is in Belorussia right now regarding the human rights. There is a very good article on the TOL (Transitions online – currently accessible by payed subscription) and a newer one discussing and analyzing the trends and fears of the society. The newest article can be read here.… » read more

Slovenians seem to be quite hard-working and busy during the week, so it would make sense to think that they will take it easy in their spare time. And so they do, but probably only when it rains. All other weather conditions are a perfect excuse to hit the road and engage in some kind… » read more

In communist times, the link between effort and wealth was a rather faint one. Until 20 years ago, any Slovenian would be almost equally rich as his neighbour. No matter what profession either of them had and no matter how much effort either of them put into their jobs. Times have changed. Converting effort into… » read more

Post Yugoslav Era

Up until 1991, Slovenia was part of Yugoslavia which, for almost a century, showed itself to the world as a show case for multi-state federalism. United under dictator Tito, Slovenes shared an artificially created country with Croats, Serbians, Bosnians, Kosovars, Macedonians, Vojvodinians and Montenegrans. Little of that is left. Slovenia is now a country of… » read more

Nr. 21: Slovenia

Slovenia is a small country squeezed in between the Balkan, the Mediterranean and the Alps. Its two million inhabitants became EU citizens on 1 May 2004 and the country has been steadily catching up with `older` EU members. Original post by Bruno

Getting from Hungary to Slovenia requires careful targeting. Slovenia and Hungary only share a 100-km border, and the cross-border links are minimal to almost non-existent. Only two decent roads cross the border, added to a rail link between Budapest and Slovenia`s capital Ljubljana that is only serviced once a day. My mission for today is… » read more

Of all the different people I have met on this trip so far, Hungarians seem to be the least attached to their TV. Greeks seemed to have one for every few square meters in the house, with the one in the kitchen preferably switched on all day. Some Portuguese housewives ? so I was told… » read more

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