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Resistance is futile, say some, but the spread of Community protection for European health has taken an important step forward. Some countries will be dismayed, others relieved. Dismay in some because prideful to the end they cannot image the likely exodus of their patients to more congenial and responsive health systems and relief in others… » read more

No country within the EU shares as many borders with other countries as Germany does. The list of neighbouring countries has no fewer than nine members: Denmark in the North, Poland and Czech Republic in the East, Austria and Switzerland in the South and France, Luxembourg, Belgium and The Netherlands on the Western side. In… » read more

Fabian Martin Lieschke: NATO’s nuclear posture is dated and needs to be reconsidered during next year’s review. If NATO withdraws sub-strategic nuclear weapons from Europe it can pursue a leverage strategy to persuade Russia to also eliminate its tactical nuclear weapons. Original post by Atlantic Community

Vienna receives this weekend the first PES activists Forum. “Vienna 2008 – a strong voice for European social democracy” gathers together leading politicians from PES member parties, activists and experts to discuss the outcome of the manifesto2009 campaign. They will draw-up their ideas for a strong campaign for the next European elections. The opening session… » read more

After yesterday`s introduction of Berlin`s recent history, it`s now time to look at how much East and West Berlin are still different today. `Not at all`, some say. `Still quite different`, says the majority. East Berlin seems to be suitable for everything related to students, modern art and parties. West Berlin is business-related and cares… » read more

Stephanie von Hayek: Although the Lisbon Treaty is a step forward for a Europe of the citizens, the Irish said no. And it is understandable they did. There is a lack of transparency and political dialogue within the EU which needs to be filled in by politicians on all levels. Original post by Atlantic Community

Construire une supra-nationalité des citoyens européens   ” Ce qu’il manque à l’Europe, c’est une âme” Jacques Delors Le non irlandais résonne comme un coup de pen baz comme on dit en Bretagne. C’est le coup de bambou qui plonge les Européens dans un ko debout les laissant perplexes pour ne pas dire hagards. Le… » read more

Hall Gardner: NATO’s Bucharest Summit in April 2008 did not fully address the question of how to create a viable system of security for the volatile region of eastern Europe, the Balkans, and the Caucasus. As eastern Europe, the Balkans and the Caucasus are all riddled with secessionist and irredentist movements since Soviet collapse, it… » read more

Daniel Möckli: Switzerland pursues an ambitious Middle East policy that differs from US and EU polices in major ways. This has given rise to controversies lately. There are good reasons for the Swiss to pursue a conflict resolution strategy based on mediation and dialog with Iran and militant Islamist organization Original post by Atlantic Community

Since its setting-up eight months ago, Blogactiv has become a central element of the EU blogosphere. A number of Blogactiv blogs are among the most discussed on the EU and the most interesting EU bloggers outsideBlogactiv are all watching what is going on on our platform and leaving comments. Blogactiv would like to enhance this… » read more

The new Russian president Dmitry Medvedev made a big effort at last week’s summit in the Siberian oil town of Khanty-Mansiisk to give new impetus to the EU-Russia dialogue. The president offered each of his EU guests an album of his own photographs and apparently charmed Messrs Solana, Barroso and Jansa in a way […]… » read more

The meeting at FAO a few weeks ago is bringing to the fore a structural weakness of international forums, in the development of long term strategies for food and water security; the neglect or misuse, under pressure of short-term tactical political aims, of institutional, civil society and corporate memory and more specifically its political dimension.… » read more

Constructive psychology

Following interviews with a railway employee in Hungary, a photographer from Slovenia, a social worker in Austria, a pub manager in Czech Republic and a forest girl in Slovakia, today is the right day for another one-person interview. This time, I am talking with Mateusz, a 25-year-old psychology student who lives in Gdansk and hopes… » read more

From the Editorial Team: The 2008 RIAS New Media Prize was awarded to Dr. Johannes Bohnen and Jan-Friedrich Kallmorgen for publishing the online think tank Original post by Atlantic Community

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