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The impact autonomous cars will have on personal mobility and cities will dwarf the disruption Uber and AirBnB have wrought on their respective industries. Joined-up European policies seem in short supply. Google Now chimes to let me know that it’s summoned a car a few minutes earlier than normal because it expects the bad weather… » read more

  Posted by Mathew Lowry

Emmanuel Macron, the French economy minister, made his way to Strasbourg to introduce his much-vaunted structural reforms to French MEPs on Tuesday (28 April). But, as in Paris, the ex-banker’s plans proved an easier pill to swallow for members of the political right than for his own Socialist Party. His “loi Macron” is a cocktail… » read more

  Posted by Heard in Europe

The London stage is well-known for its shameless attempts to publicise productions, usually through thinly veiled references to current events. So is it just Heard in Europe, or is the Barbican’s latest staging of Sophocles’ Antigone channeling the our own present day Greek financial tragedy? More specifically, is the casting of Patrick O’Kane (pictured) as… » read more

  Posted by Heard in Europe

For several weeks now, a key issue on the radar of the European Union is the question of illegal immigrants from war-stricken African and Middle East countries arriving on the shores of Italy. Due to internal conflicts that are tearing apart nations like Syria or Nigeria, the Mediterranean has now become a scene of a… » read more

  Posted by wzory

I am currently in Latvia for the 3-day Multilingual Digital Single Market #RigaSummit2015 and was asked to present EurActiv’s experiences as a multilingual media in the Empowering Multilingual Content, Media, and Data Economy plenary session. Check out my presentation here : [embeddoc url=”” download=”all” viewer=”google”]  

  Posted by Media4EU

I hate “limited liability”. It sounds either technical & legalistic (who really knows what it means?), or mealy-mouthed and self-serving (“we don’t want to take responsibility”). There’s got to be a better name for it – a name that is catchy and simple and easy to understand. I am offering a holiday in Bali to… » read more

  Posted by The eCommerce Blog - by Allegro Group

Guest blogpost by Sascha Marschang, European Public Health Alliance & Linda Mans, Health Workers for All. The economic crisis has led to increased mobility of health professionals within Europe and in some cases it has even replaced recruitment from non-EU member states, thereby adding a distinctly European dimension to the implementation of the WHO Global… » read more

  Posted by The Guest Blog

At least it seems like the Kremlin bosses believe in this myth, repeatedly relying on it in certain cases of their foul subversive and propaganda acts. One of such cases is well known to us, Ukrainians, not by hearsay. This is namely the case involving Petro Getsko, who is, most certainly, the most ridiculous and… » read more

  Posted by Tyszecki

«Να σταματήσει η Μεσόγειος να είναι μία θάλασσα-νεκροταφείο και οι ευρωπαϊκές χώρες του μεσογειακού νότου αποθήκες ανθρώπινων ψυχών» (Α.Τσίπρας, 19/04) Πέντε μέρες ήταν αρκετές για να περάσουμε από το νεκροταφείο στην ευτυχία… Ενδεικτική και αυτή η αντίφαση, της γενικότερης πολιτικής, κοινωνικής, ψυχολογικής, αστάθειας που χαρακτηρίζει αυτή την περίοδο την πατρίδα μας – και την Κυβέρνησή… » read more

  Posted by Το blog της Ελληνικής EurActiv

The ninth round of negotiations for a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) agreement took place in New York from April 20-24, where the focus was on moving forward on regulatory cooperation. According to EU Chief TTIP negotiator Ignacio Garcia Bercero, discussions at the round on this issue covered the pharmaceutical sector, the automobile industry,… » read more

  Posted by AmChamEU

An array of sophisticated language technologies could help ideas flow across EU borders, link national conversations together and support the EU Online Public Sphere – the demos the EU needs. But BloggingPortal is unlikely to feature them. Years ago I realised that a couple of innovative technologies (semantic analysis, machine translation, coupled with faceted &… » read more

  Posted by Mathew Lowry

Guest blogpost by Emmanuel Jahan, Chair of the European sectoral committee of social dialogue for civil aviation. Today, the Gulf states have taken control of some European airlines in order to consolidate their growing global supremacy in air transport. Qatar Airways is the biggest shareholder of the IAG Group (British Airways, Iberia and Vueling) with… » read more

  Posted by The Guest Blog

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