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by William Todts, transport programme manager, and Sofia Amaral, transport policy assistant, at T&E It’s true to say, as’s Ben Adler does, that fuel taxes play a critical role in cleaning up road transport but we’re not in agreement that this necessarily makes road pricing a bad idea. From our perspective, we’d rather see… » read more

  Posted by Transport & Environment

Varoufakis uses a good argument in the wrong way. He wants Greece to relax its government budget, using other countries’s money. The opposition to this strategy has little to do with being Keynesian or not. The Greek Finance minister Yiannis Varoufakis has spent the last years trying to convince the public opinion that the Troika’s… » read more

  Posted by Brainstorm on Politics and Economics of the EU

Días atrás estuvo circulando en la web un vídeo de dos policías israelíes golpeando a un soldado israelí de origen etíope; y de la botella, salió el genio del racismo. Esto es algo que ha existido de forma latente en Israel durante décadas, pero los israelíes somos muy dados a negar la realidad. Afortunadamente, a… » read more

  Posted by Uniting Europe

Auf der Stelle kehrtgemacht hat niemand, aber Lust dazu hatte vermutlich so mancher. Die Ansage der Kanzlerin, dass die Östliche Partnerschaft kein Erweiterungsinstrument ist und keine falschen Erwartungen wecken dürfe, war für die Ukrainer, Georgier und Moldauer eine kalte Dusche. Denn natürlich dachten sie bislang, dass aus der Östlichen Partnerschaft eine EU-Mitgliedschaft wird – in… » read more


By Hilary Jeune, Oxfam’s EU policy advisor When European development ministers meet on Tuesday (26 May) to decide how the EU will approach overseas aid for the next 15 years, they may find themselves surrounded by smoke and mirrors. Various myths swirl around how European countries can best fund international development – or how they… » read more

  Posted by Oxfam's EU Advocacy office in Brussels

For more than 44 years, it has been impossible for Americans to enjoy haggis. No, we didn’t know that either. Go figure. But it turns out that our friends across the pond have banned “The great chieftain of the pudding race.”

  Posted by Heard in Europe

The Eurozone has demonstrated its Darwinian side in recent years, with the tides of change sweeping across the continent. This process of change has served as a powerful tool for examining pre-existing infrastructures, and in the process highlighting areas in need of change. Whether it be politics, or in particular, business, the prevalent trend is… » read more

  Posted by The Guest Blog

BREAKING: In the future young people will read news on their smartphones! Who do we have to thank for this as yet unheard-of revelation? Why none other than Digital Commissioner Günther Oettinger! During a meeting at the European Council on Tuesday, Oettinger gave a room full of European culture ministers this pearl of wisdom.

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In 2014 the European Union introduced the Spitzenkandidaten system with primary elections for the first time at the European level. Each party put forward one candidate who would become the new President of the European Commission should they win the most votes. The appointment of Mr. Juncker as the new European Commission President confirmed that… » read more

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Le fédéralisme ne serait-il pas une véritable épine dans le pied du Royaume-Uni? Le nouveau gouvernement conservateur issu des élections générales britanniques va devoir faire face à de nombreux défis. Mais deux sujets éclipsent tous les autres. Je pense d’une part à la redéfinition de la position du Royaume-Uni dans l’Union européenne et d’autre part… » read more

  Posted by Morucci Europe Blog

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