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Le Parlement Européen, réuni en séance plénière, vient de discuter et d’adopter une résolution en matière de droits de l’homme et technologies par rapport aux pays tiers. Le rapport, qui a fait l’objet des travaux de la sous-commission DROI (droits de l’homme) du Parlement, avait été adopté en commission AFET (affaires étrangères) le 26 mai… » read more

  Posted by EU-Logos

Ja, es läuft gerade nicht so geordnet, wie es laufen sollte – manches mag man auch chaotisch nennen. Und ja, die große Zahl von Flüchtlingen, die nach Deutschland strömen, stellt uns vor große Probleme – kurzfristig wie langfristig. Dass wir keine Unterkünfte haben und Betten, keine Dolmetscher, keine Sprachkurse und dass die Integration dieser Menschen… » read more


MY-WAY, the two-year project which set out to improve the startup ecosystem for students in Europe, just released a research study based on its recent online survey for young adults and on face-to-face interviews with student support centres. The survey and interviews were implemented to identify the needs and capabilities of the student networks and… » read more

  Posted by Key to Europe

  – As Immanuel Kant in 1795 already stipulated, universal hospitality and Human Rights had to be at the centre of every evolving asylum and refugee policy. Upholding European values starts with the unambiguous acknowledgement for refugees and asylum seekers of legal obligations under international conventions ratified by the EU and its Member States. Beyond… » read more

  Posted by FEPS Fresh Thinking

  In my previous blog, I introduced 10 reasons why you should not feed your family organic food as a means to open up a rational debate. With these further 10 reasons, I want you to reconsider your position on the use of crop protection substances: Have you been manipulated by good story-tellers? Have the… » read more

  Posted by The Risk-Monger

Le 23 juin dernier, l’Assemblée Parlementaire du Conseil de l’Europe (APCE) a accueilli favorablement le rapport sur l’Amélioration de la protection des donneurs d’alerte présenté par le rapporteur de la Commission des questions juridiques et des droits de l’homme, Pieter Omtzigt. Suite à la présentation de ce rapport, l’APCE a approuvé deux documents visant l’amélioration… » read more

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In the beginning of September 2015, Europa Media unveiled its new service, EM Grants Portal – a unique funding database. We have done extensive research and concluded that many websites are limited to listing scholarships for MA and PhD students or funds for specific thematic research or calls targeting research organizations. Therefore, there was a… » read more

  Posted by Europa Media

  Many were expecting that this debate last night would be extremely boring. They were right as all political leaders had nothing fresh to offer in the discussion. Nonetheless, even in this stiff depiction of Greek political life, we can come to some useful conclusions.   After a first reading, each one of the political… » read more

  Posted by Dimitris Rapidis

  Recently the Mommy-bloggers paid by the organic industry lobby have been hitting the scientific and corporate communities quite hard with fear campaigns and ‘if you love your children’ guilt trips. Money is pouring in from all angles and even Hollywood stars are reading from their prepared scripts: “Pesticides and GMOs = evil”, and “Organic… » read more

  Posted by The Risk-Monger

  By Leia Achampong, Climate & Energy Assistant at WWF European Policy Office What’s #MyClimateAsk for COP21? It’s for governments to up-scale climate finance, and to recognise and affirm the need for inter and intra -generational equality. Mitigating climate change by transitioning to zero-carbon societies that rely on renewable energies, coupled with energy-efficiency initiatives, and… » read more

  Posted by WWF Climate & Energy Blog

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