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Guest blog post by Ramazan Guveli, Executive Director of Dialogue Platform. As the European Commission’s progress report on Turkey is due to be announced soon there is no doubt that there will be little ‘progress’ to report on Turkey’s accession to the EU. Rather, it is expected to list a number of areas where it… » read more

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Le 18 avril dernier, le Secrétaire général des Nations Unies, Ban Ki-moon, avait saisi l’occasion du concert Global Citizen organisé à Washington D.C pour qualifier 2015 d’année de l’action pour le changement climatique. Pour Ban Ki-moon, il est indispensable de trouver un consensus sur le changement climatique cette année.   « Faisons en sorte que,… » read more

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Next Wednesday, the German Chancellor and the French President will jointly address the European Parliament in Strasbourg. This will be the first time that the leaders of the two greatest political powers of the Union address the representatives of the European citizens together since François Mitterrand and Helmut Kohl in 1989 in the aftermath of… » read more

  Posted by Ideas for a united & federal Europe

In Gartner’s hype cycle, users of a technology encounter a trough of disillusionment after the initial peak of inflated expectations. The use of Twitter by the 28 Members of the European Commission (Twitter list here) feels like being in such a deep trough that it’s almost as if this is not even social media at… » read more

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In this post we argue that the debate on the EU’s proposed General Data Protection Regulation is unhealthy: that ‘fundamental rights’ are used as a shield to avoid real discussions on practical implementation, that wild assertions are made about the economic effects of privacy rules, and that European industry’s views, when not dismissed as those… » read more

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