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Guest blog post by Nicolas Bauer, legal counsel, European center for law and justice Without any reasonable justification, the trial of pastor Andrew Brunson has been delayed again, this time to 18 July, that is 21 months after the beginning of the detention. He is accused of “Christianization” associated with terrorism and became an emblematic… » read more

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Guest blog post by Yousuf Zubair, student. After the attempted military coup in Turkey on 15 July, President Erdogan and officials within the Turkish government seem to have unequivocally blamed sympathisers of the Hizmet movement and have begun a purge of ‘Gulenists’ (and any other opposition to the President). The reclusive Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen… » read more

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Guest blog post by Ramazan Guveli, Executive Director of Dialogue Platform. As the European Commission’s progress report on Turkey is due to be announced soon there is no doubt that there will be little ‘progress’ to report on Turkey’s accession to the EU. Rather, it is expected to list a number of areas where it… » read more

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“..there would also be political impacts of TTIP for Turkey because according to Kader Sevinç, Representative of the Republican People’s Party in Brussels, TTIP represents a new Western world order. From her statement, it could be deduced that through TTIP the US would be able to create the new Western axis against China economically and… » read more

Old Elite in a New World

As Kader Sevinç said in her paper for Euractiv , one of the main challenges for our generation is to better conduct the transition toward a transnational world in order to be able to providing solutions in accordance with our expectations and values. EU has difficulties to find solutions, and should deal with institutional and… » read more

( I am delighted to host this post written by Stéphanie Friedrich (currently moving into EurActiv’s editorial team).  Jochen Bittner is Brussels correspondent of Die Zeit.    Christophe Leclercq EurActiv itself does not publish book reviews, but Blogactiv bloggers may of course do so, and EurActiv can link to such posts when relevant. I personally welcome… » read more

The ‘new EEC’ concept – published in six other media – can be commented there: in English, en français. I promised some other references: here they are. Certainly not exhaustive: additions welcome, also in English).

Quelles catégories de concepts paneuropéens?

Le débat sur l’intégration européenne est dominée depuis 1954 par la construction communautaire. C’est encore plus vrai depuis les élargissements, qui ont amené la majorité des peuples européennes sous la houlette de Bruxelles.

Krynica, Poland’s impressive Economic Forum, discussed last week a number of European policies. Sitting on a panel about geopolitical guidelines for Ukraine – I had an opportunity to present and complement my ideas on Europe’s architecture. (This earlier post triggered many reactions, some informal and a dozen posted on my blog. It was written with… » read more

Here are some comments and strong opinions, on what speakers said at a study launch by consultancy Waagener Edstrom, well summarized here . And what it means for opinion leaders: Mr Buzek, please read on… Now, why would a Frenchman bother to blog on ’14 juillet’ day, on a very specialised, English and Brussels-centric topic?… » read more

Wir müssen die Erweiterungspolitik der EU entspannen. Gerade in Zeiten der Krise. Da hat keiner einen freien Kopf, keiner will Geld in eine Erweiterung stecken, keiner will den kleiner werdenden Kuchen an noch mehr hungrige Mäuler der Familie verteilen. Viele Erweiterer erwägen deshalb die Pille, ihre Gegenspieler gar einen Abort. Beides wäre fatal. Folgende Thesen… » read more

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