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Guest post by Dr. Laurens Ankersmit, ClientEarth trade lawyer   On the website promoting the EU-Canada trade deal (CETA), the Canadian government proudly lists the ‘opportunities and benefits of CETA for Canada’s oil and gas exporters’. However, provisions on combatting climate change are completely absent from this ‘progressive’ agreement. It was one of the main… » read more

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On Wednesday 10 February the European Commission will present the so-called Energy Union ‘Winter Package’. The package will consist of five elements: Revised Security of Gas Supply Regulation Proposal for a revised decision on Intergovernmental agreements in the field of energy Strategy for Liquefied Natural Gas & Storage Strategy for heating and cooling Decision to…… » read more

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The European Commission has broken new ground in transparency over Big Tobacco lobbying around the ongoing EU-US trade talks. Well, it admitted there had been at least one meeting with Philip Morris about the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) – which is progress of a sort. Responding to an information request by the Corporate… » read more

Kathleen Garnett This week EU and US negotiators are meeting in New York to hammer out the Regulatory Chapter of the TTIP. Alongside the proposed Chapter on Investor State Dispute Settlement, Regulatory Co-operation is the second most controversial aspect of the proposed trade agreement. From an EU perspective the Regulatory Co-operation Chapter of the TTIP,… » read more

“..there would also be political impacts of TTIP for Turkey because according to Kader Sevinç, Representative of the Republican People’s Party in Brussels, TTIP represents a new Western world order. From her statement, it could be deduced that through TTIP the US would be able to create the new Western axis against China economically and… » read more

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