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A game of betrayals

From Cassius and Ephialtes of Trachis to the infamous “Percentages agreement“, and continuing to modern times the history of the people living on the European continent is littered to the brink with betrayal. It is, to put it mildly, a perfect portrayal of our apparently born inability to trust each other or work together. One needs only… » read more

The outcome of fiscal measures voting yesterday in the Greek Parliament was positive for Eurozone leaders. The measures passed with absolute majority as Syriza coalition partner Independent Greeks, the front opposition New Democracy, PASOK, and The River voted in favor. But Syriza had major losses, as 39 MPs voted against or abstain. Amid these MPs,… » read more

In world monetary history, some currencies have lasted more than a thousand years. That won’t happen with the present euro. Its self-destruction is as certain as anything in politics. What is now urgent is to reform the currency on a solid basis. It will be a world-beater. A sound currency must retain a long-term store… » read more

Caricature by Pascal Hansens                 Language Title English Angela and Alexis, stop playing with our future!Open letter to two and all European leaders Français (English) Angela et Alexis, cessez de jouer avec notre avenir!Lettre ouverte aux dirigeants allemands et grecs, ainsi qu’à tous les dirigeants européens Ελληνικά (Greek) Άνγκελα και Αλέξη, σταματήστε να παίζετε με… » read more

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