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Boeing is encouraging regulators to create a strong policy framework to advance sustainable aviation biofuels. Transcript: 2016 is Boeing’s centennial year: in the past century we have united the world through more efficient air travel and pioneered the outer reaches of space. 
And yet we look forward, with great excitement, to our next century, and… » read more

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Boeing has teamed up with NASA, Evergreen Exhibitions and the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum to create and present Above and Beyond, a cutting edge aviation exhibit in celebration of Boeing’s 100 years of aviation innovation. From May 27 to August 29, 2016 this traveling aerospace exhibition will be held at the National Maritime Museum… » read more

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  We are encouraged to use public transport for environmental reasons, to reduce traffic, to ensure public service sustainability, and to increase urban life quality. Awareness campaigns are funded out of the European or local administrative budget. This is a repost of Municipiul Săcele, originally published in Romanian by Marius Malinescu (@deretinut on Twitter, also… » read more

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Nonstop on the 787

The Dreamliner is opening up new routes all over the world. Just a few short months ago, 75 new nonstop routes had been opened with the 787. Today, that total has jumped to more than 100 routes that have been announced or are already in operation. The graphic below shows all the routes between markets… » read more

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Boeing’s history with Europe goes back to Wilhelm Böing, father of company founder Bill Boeing, who was born in Hohenlimburg, Germany and emigrated to the United States in 1868. Since July 15, 1916, Bill Boeing established a company that has been making the impossible, possible. From producing a single canvas-and-wood airplane to transforming how we… » read more

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Boeing’s year kicked off with the first flight of the 737 MAX, and the company has had the chance to celebrate a lot of other milestones and events with its airline customers. Here’s a look back. 737 MAX completes a successful first flight, beginning a comprehensive flight-test program. Boeing delivers the 8,888th 737 to come… » read more

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After the implementation of the EU-Turkey deal, whereby Syrian refugees who made it to Greece are returned to Turkey, Austria, concerned about the ‘collateral outcome’, is unveiling plans to re-establish border controls with Italy at the Brenner Pass.   For a couple of decades, the Austro-Italian border – called ‘Brenner Pass’ – has been almost… » read more

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Start Your Engine

The engine that will eventually power our new 777X has now started ground testing. The GE9X is being tested at GE Aviation’s Peebles Testing Operation in Ohio. This marks a significant milestone in the development of the engine and the program. Maturation testing of the GE9X began five years ago and has progressed from component-level… » read more

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