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China’s Bullet Train Network

China’s loss of US export markets has determined Chinese officials to invest huge amounts of money into the construction of a 16,000-km fast train network, to be fully completed by 2020. During the first three quarters of 2009, investment in fixed assets like factories and railroads has amounted to more than 90 percent of China’s… » read more

“So far in 2009, battery companies have received over $600 million in venture capital funding, compared with $478 million garnered for 2008, according to research analyst Lux Research. The investment isn’t without reason. In a report released Tuesday, Lux predicted that the energy storage market will grow to become a $60 billion industry by 2013.”… » read more

     European funds Related EU Grant Loans Programme(s):  Grants for commercial projects that stimulate competitiveness of combined transport as against exclusively road transport  Grants for projects promoting the objectives of the common energy and transport policy  Grants for research to improve transport systems in society and minimise the negative impacts and consequences of transport… » read more

     European funds Related EU Grant Loans Programme(s):  New framework programme for research and technology aiming at better exploiting research capacities in Europe and transforming scientific results into new products, processes and services.  Grants for research projects focussing on security with a civil application in fields such as transport, health, civil protection, energy and… » read more

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