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Switzerland has always been a little aloof from its neighbours. It never joined the EU for example. However, it seems to benefit from its multiple, bilateral EU agreements whilst not suffering from the costs and potential downfalls of EU membership. Whilst it’s near neighbours France and Italy are battling recessionary and high unemployment problems and… » read more

Muslim communities say the decision will spread deep concern and worry. The Swiss government and businesses are worried too – about whether this controversial but democratic ballot will provoke an international backlash. Alan Fisher, Al Jazeera English, “Swiss brace for minaret backlash” What if that backlash were to include a disinvestment or divestment wave among… » read more

Going Postal Green?

With the environment on most everyone’s mind, PostEurop would like to take this opportunity to hear what the public has to say about how European Postal Operators could reduce their ‘carbon footprint’ on society. Welcome to Postal Questions – Europe! We are constantly trying to address the sustainability of the Postal sector with respect to climate change issues. Who… » read more

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