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The Final Declaration approved at the G20 meeting in Pittsburgh proposes a framework for “strong, sustainable and balanced growth” as the basic paradigm for the 21st century. But in the long term, global economic growth cannot be sustainable. It is bound to run into increasing ecological constraints. A system is sustainable as long as it… » read more

On the opportunity of the Copenhagen Conference on the Environment it might be purposeful to reflect on an aspect of the foundations of the debate often leading to wrong perceptions, expectations and often apathy. Since earlier than the 60s of the previous century the environmental movement, embracing enlightened individuals and genuinely concerned citizens, observing worrying… » read more

I have assisted several investors build broadband business plans/models the last few years. And I have always been requested to prove the sustainability of the project as a way to help my occasional employer achieve its objectives (ie get funding, decide and schedule the investment etc.) However, I can’t honestly align myself with the notion… » read more

Welcome to the Blogactiv Copenhagen Climate Conference blog! This collaborative space is designed to address the issue of climate change within the scope of the Copenhagen Conference in December 2009. We at Blogactiv are actively recruiting high level thinkers and influencers in the spheres of sustainability, climate change, environment – and the many other issues… » read more

Allow me to use and paraphrase the famous Gorbatchev quote in order to show that our political “leaders” keep missing the historical chances to deal with our worldwide sustainability collapse. If the Western world would have learned the lessons from the first energy crisis in the 70s, we would not be facing these hard times… » read more

The climate change ‘cost or opportunity’ debate: why has it not been settled? A worrying number of European states, industries and even average citizens are still convinced that fighting climate change will be too costly and risky in terms of jobs and growth. The current economic crisis is creating even greater anxiety, giving rise to… » read more

Inconvenient questions

I am not Al Gore and therefore cannot provide you with the “inconvenient truth” but there are a few inconvenient questions that have started to vex me recently as I am thinking and reading more about our global sustainability problematique. Let’s start with a few of my beliefs in order to put my inconvenient questions… » read more

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