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This Thursday, July 19, the European Commission decided to strike hard by calling to order different Member States of the Union regarding their commitments on the environment. Spain and Portugal have been asked to adopt strategic noise maps and noise management action plans, in line with the requirements of the European directive on the assessment… » read more

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Three vessels, the Aquarius (a rescue ship), and two Italian Navy vessels, entered the port of Valencia in Spain on Sunday at 6.20 am (4.20 GTM). Together they were carrying 630 migrants coming from 26 different countries among which the largest groups came from Sudan and Nigeria. After 20 hours in overcrowded rubber and 8… » read more

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Last Sunday marked the 41st anniversary of the death of General Francisco Franco which ended his violent dictatorship over Spain. The country has since successfully managed its transition towards democracy. Yet, this kind of anniversary shows that old wounds have not completely healed; the country is still polarised, notably regarding the interpretation of its history.… » read more

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¿Cómo llamar a un palestino enloquecido –que hasta la fecha había estado trabajando junto a judíos israelíes en una compañía de telefonía israelí– atropellando deliberadamente con su coche a los peatones en una parada de bus, saliendo acto seguido de su coche y (atención: imágenes gráficas que pueden herir la sensibilidad) apuñalando frenéticamente a estas… » read more

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After the second vote on prior actions yesterday, the Greek government has achieved to close a big chapter that started last February. Prior actions have passed by the Parliament with absolute majority, as SYRIZA and ANEL coalition government got the support from opposition parties New Democracy, PASOK and The River. For the next 10 days… » read more

After a post on the point one of Sun Tzu’s quote your can read here below, I will try to analyze the idea of general’s ability. Sun Tzu said: Therefore, in your deliberations, when seeking to determine the military conditions, let them be made the basis of a comparison, in this wise: 1. Which of… » read more

“Countries don´t go Bust”   (Walter Wriston, Citibank chairman 1970s) Vancouver, 25. Februar 2010   Das Bild geht mir seit Tagen nicht aus dem Kopf: Der australische Magier und Illusionskünstler Cosentino ließ sich in der vergangenen Woche mit 60 Kilo Zement an den Füßen – sowie in Fußeisen und Handschellen verpackt – in das Haifischbecken des Aquariums von Melbourne versenken.  … » read more

El acuerdo alcanzado para que sea aprobada, posiblemente en una próxima reunión, una directiva sobre asistencia mutua en materia de recaudación fue calificada de “paso importante” por la vicepresidenta segunda del Gobierno español y ministra de Economía, Elena Salgado,  al término de la reunión en Bruselas del  Consejo de Economía y Finanzas de la UE… » read more

“We women have been trampled over in our territory and anywhere by the different groups, the legal and illegal armed groups, who kidnap us, kill, rape and humiliate us … leaving as a consequence of these actions the deterioration of the social fabric around us. Therefore, there is no doubt that the armed conflict has harmed black women’s feelings, their ancestral legitimacy, their creativity to form and generate life, their cultural identity and their love for their territory.”

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