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For Greece, it all started in late 2009. One bright day around mid-November, the now ruling Socialist government of G. Papandreou decided to take Greece out of the closet and reveal the true size of Greece’s deficit to the world. The funny thing is, back then no one was really shocked. “Greek statistics”, the constant… » read more

Many youth decide to follow the courses of an educational institution without knowing if that particular career fits their personality or not. Furthermore, most of the theoretic courses don’t prepare students for the real-life experience of a certain profession.

Innovate or disappear

Innovation is recognized as one of the fundaments of economic development. The machine tool industry is the engine for virtually all manufacturing activities and, to a large extent, enables other sectors to be innovative. The future of Europe’s economic importance and security is highly dependent on the competitive edge that we can bring to the… » read more

The UK is not the only country where opinions on medicines can be challenged in court. In France, Astellas Pharma, a Japanese multinational pharmaceutical company has filed a lawsuit in Paris against the independent French medical journal, Prescrire, for publishing unfavorable comments about their anti-eczema ointment, tacrolimus (brand name – Protopic). The case arises from… » read more

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