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A few months ago we published an entry in the Cantabriaa Europa blog about Cabárceno Nature Park, which was competing in “Europe in My Region”, a competition organised by the Directorate-General for Regional Policy of the European Commission. This is a repost of La Semana Europea de las Regiones y las Ciudades 2016, originally published… » read more

  Posted by Europe in My Region

As Europe heads into a tumultuous autumn, the 1989 Generation Initiative prepares for the coming year. But with the EU being caught up in innumerable fights, the necessity to focus our efforts has become readily apparent. That is why in August, the Initiative’s Content Team launched a survey to let young Europeans share their view… » read more

  Posted by 1989 Generation Initiative

It is a turning point for the Syriza-led government. After more than one year since the painful agreement on a third bailout for the country has been reached, the society and the business world are suffocating under the burden of tax hikes, lack of liquidity from the banks, weak improvement of macroeconomic factors. Unemployment has… » read more

  Posted by Dimitris Rapidis

What is the Problem? The issue of false (also called bogus) self-employment has jumped in the forefront of debate among European policy makers, and is included as a priority of the new EU Platform to Tackle Undeclared Work. Concerns have emerged about the potential exploitation of low-paid, low-skilled vulnerable self-employed workers, mostly those operating in… » read more

  Posted by Solo-Entrepreneurship in Europe

Freelancers’ Need for Training Unlike entrepreneurs who reply on a big idea, perhaps one that will change the world, freelancers’ primary value rests on their skills. Clients hire them for their skill-set, and it is their task to deliver an assignment based on their talent. Freelance professionals provide specialist expertise to fill widening skills gaps… » read more

  Posted by Solo-Entrepreneurship in Europe

Hello, hallo, buon giorno Mummies of Europe. Today, I want to tell you about a European project that is of particular interest to me: the Strasbourg-Kehl French-German nursery. This is a repost of LA CRÈCHE FRANCO-ALLEMANDE, originally published in French by Sandra Dranne Foussier (@mamansdeurope, Facebook, Instagram), and submitted to the Europe in My Region… » read more

  Posted by Europe in My Region

Infrastructures: The Stepping Stone to Collaboration Self-employed professionals and freelancers naturally take a collaborative approach to building their businesses. Over 9 out of 10 have interacted with other freelancers, citing factors like business advice, networking, and emotional support among the reasons they connect with others in the community. However, without physical infrastructures such as coworking… » read more

  Posted by Solo-Entrepreneurship in Europe

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