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Ça m’est revenu au petit matin du 9 novembre 2016, alors que l’Europe s’apprêtait à célébrer le soir où le mur de Berlin tomba. Je me suis couché en sachant que mon antonyme avait été élu président des États-Unis. J’ai peu dormi et l’envie de mes 18 ans de ‘faire quelque chose pour changer le… » read more

  Posted by TAXI: Europa

Suppose for a while that the UK would not have taken the route of a referendum to part with the European Union; how do you think this Country would have found itself in 7-10 years’ time vis-à-vis to the EU? Well, oddly enough it would have found itself – or very close to – the… » read more

  Posted by Wishing on Europe

  Europe is the most open continent. Faced with less growth for part of its citizens, islamist terrorism and an increase in migrants and refugee influx, should it seize-up and become a ’Fortress Europe’? The above Eurobarometer suggests that, for the first time, Terrorism is EU citizens’ main concern, taking over from Immigration which took… » read more

  Posted by TAXI: Europa

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