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Smarter planning for natural and man-made disasters would improve resilience and reduce future economic losses, a new OECD report says.It estimates that earthquakes, social unrest, industrial accidents, terror attacks, pandemics and other disruptive events cost advanced and emerging nations around USD 1.5 trillion in damages and economic losses over the last decade, more than double […]

L’importance de la place du numérique dans l’économie n’est plus à prouver depuis bien des années. Mais parce qu’elle représente le vecteur nécessaire d’une mondialisation aujourd’hui bien plus qu’entamée, cette technologie tournée exclusivement vers le futur doit être maîtrisée par quiconque souhaite jouer un rôle majeur à l’échelle mondiale. Reste à savoir si la France […]

It seems common sense that, if an error is found in legislation, then this law should be immediately amended; at the very least, the erroneous provision should not be allowed to influence the course of a related court proceeding. This is not, however, how some EU Member States seem to view such a scenario. Three […]

Klar, es ist ein Entwurf. Und das er aus der Beratung im Parlament nicht so herauskommt wie die Arbeitsministerin ihn dort heute hineingegeben hat, ist gewiss. Gerade in der Rentenpolitik hat sich das Parlament selten als Abnicker von Regierungsentwürfen erwiesen. Hinzu kommt, dass Andrea Nahles schon selbst Nachbesserungsbedarf angemeldet hat; sie hofft am Ende auf […]

Curriculum: Tailored for Professionals The quality of the programme is rooted in two principles: interdisciplinarity and practical application. The EMPM combines economics and social sciences to further students’ understanding of complex governance challenges and management solutions. The participants work on international case studies and discuss phenomena against the background of their own work experience. Experts […]

Nursing Matters

Nursing Matters fact sheets provide quick reference information and international perspectives from the nursing profession on current health and social issues. It is an initiative by the International Council of Nurses. The fact sheet below, Lowering Cholesterol through Nurse Case Management, provides a background on the 8% of deaths worldwide due to high cholesterol levels. Issue: High Cholesterol… » read more

This post is focusing on the analysis of an actual research manuscript called “Tobacco Control in the EU-15: The Role of Member States and the European Union”, written by Donley T. Studlar, Kyle Christensen and Arnita Sitasari, and first published in the Journal of European Public Policy Volume 18, Issue 5, 2011. Conceptually, my post […]

Ukraine Stakes on Intellect

The world has started to change more rapidly, than we can realize it and moreover transfer into new concepts, norms and regulatory mechanisms. It becomes clear that current political, economic and social situations, conflicts and opportunities have a lot of ways of solutions and, respectively, different options of future appear before us. In these conditions […]

Zurück zu den Wurzeln. Nach Jahren, in denen das Nobelpreiskomitee Engagement für humanitäre, soziale und politische Ziele ausgezeichnet hat, werden die internationalen Chemiewaffenzerstörer im Sinne von Nobel dieses Jahr für Abrüstung, ja im wörtlichen Sinne für Entwaffnung geehrt. Die Entscheidung ist dennoch fragwürdig. Das Komitee ist der Versuchung erlegen, mit seiner Wahl scheinbar vieles gleichzeitig […]

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