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  Yale University placed itself on the map as the first United States University to take the lead in EU affairs this past weekend when European students from the European Student Conference launched an EU think-tank here in the US named European Horizons. The aim of the think-tank is to contribute to the policy’s being […]

The Logic of Risks

Are Naturalist Nutters showing signs of inconsistency or of a sudden logical outburst when they criticise those who do not vaccinate? Hardly – they are exhibiting a perfectly justifiable illogic that easily harmonises contradictory thinking. We need to…

By Kathleen Garnett Ever since the first boff in a lab profited from fiddling around with the genetic make-up of plants European agriculture has been at the mercy of the big corporations. Not unlike the pests GMO products are said to repel the bio-tech industry has been swarming all over the treasure chest that is European […]

Horizon 2020 brought a number of significant changes compared to its predecessor Framework Programmes or similar schemes in terms of rules for application for funding, financial management and reporting. One of the major differences from previous practices was the introduction of the bi-annual work programmes, which provide the opportunity for all those who intend to […]

Auf dem Papier ist die Krankenhausreform wirklich gelungen. Die Ziele, überflüssige Betten abzubauen, unnötige Operationen zu vermeiden und im Dienst der Patient mehr Qualität ins System zu bringen, sind selbstverständlich richtig. Mehr noch: überfällig. Auch der Ansatz, dass eine Umstrukturierung nur gelingen kann, wenn man in das Neue investiert, gehört bei politischen Reformen nicht immer […]

Es ist ein Kompromiss – aber ein guter. Denn danach soll in Zukunft jedes EU-Land selbst entscheiden können, ob Genpflanzen auf seinen Feldern angebaut werden dürfen oder nicht. Also: nationaler Alleingang statt europäischer Gesamtlösung. Und das ist in diesem Fall auch richtig, denn die Ansichten über Gentechnik liegen in der EU weit auseinander… Auch die Bundesregierung […]

Going into space was a competition between Russia and USA for many years. It entered into peaceful exploration and use, preservation of security and integrity. Now, it seems as if it is not even a goal anymore. Russia decided to leave ISS (International Space Station) in 2020 – earlier than expected. Yes, it’s true – […]

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