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According to the IEA, global green house gas emissions will have to decline substantially – from close to 40 billion tons in 2012 to only 23 billion tons in 2030 – to prevent average temperatures on earth from soaring beyond the 2009 international target of +2°C. Such a decline is most unlikely to take place. […]

Perfectly timed, one week before the start of the 18th international Climate Conference in Doha, the World Bank issued a dire warning that, without rapid and comprehensive action by the world community, Humanity will have to face a 4°C warmer world by the end of the century. This warning comes only four years after the […]

The 2012 UN Report on the State of the World Population contains good news. Global population growth is slowing down. For the period 2010-15 the UN expects an annual increase of only 70 million additional human beings compared to 80 millions around the turn of the century. Total fertility will decline to 2, the level […]

Intermittency of wind and solar energy are considered as major obstacles to the use of renewable energy: how to avoid power cuts during night or winter when there is neither wind nor sunshine? One answer are transnational grids, assuming that there will always be sunshine or wind in a broader geographical area. That is certainly […]

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