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Hard talk on soft law

“Are you aware you are working in a health care industry with patients and human beings?” It Is not often you hear a regulator putting this question to a speaker from the pharmaceutical industry but this happened (twice) at a meeting I attended a couple of weeks ago. The speaker was Neal Parker, a lawyer […]

The European Parliament’s somewhat frenzied concern about the possible indirect land use change (ILUC) resulting from EU biofuel policies is a splendid example of the phenomenon of unintended consequences. While acting on the basis of some pretty questionable science, the MEPs are constructing a new form of protectionism which is likely to damage the interests […]

The European Commission wants to know whether recycling targets in EU waste legislation need reviewing, and how. The consultation focuses on three Directives whose targets are under review: Waste Framework Directive / Landfill Directive / Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive. Each year in the European Union we throw away 2.7 billion tonnes of waste, 98 million tons of […]

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