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I apologise for my long absence. Recently I have, of course, followed the Commission hearings, at least for those of the new Commissioners that are most interesting from a regional research and innovation perspective, which is what I am focusing on in this blog. Clearly, this was a great moment for the European Parliament and… » read more

(v. 2.4, last edited on 20.01.2010)   The international debate on the existence and nature of global warming took an [un]expected turn last Friday, Nov. 20th, when hackers published on the Internet what is described as e-mails and other documents originating from the Climate Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia (WikiLeaks, Alleged… » read more

     European funds Related EU Grant Loans Programme(s):  Grants for commercial projects that stimulate competitiveness of combined transport as against exclusively road transport  Grants for projects promoting the objectives of the common energy and transport policy  Grants for research to improve transport systems in society and minimise the negative impacts and consequences of transport… » read more

     European funds Related EU Grant Loans Programme(s):  New framework programme for research and technology aiming at better exploiting research capacities in Europe and transforming scientific results into new products, processes and services.  Grants for research projects focussing on security with a civil application in fields such as transport, health, civil protection, energy and… » read more

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