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Purpose: How local authorities can play a crucial role in combatting radicalization and how the national level and the EU can support these initiatives ? Belgium is an important area concerning people leaving for fighting for the Caliphate, and potentially concerning returns of radicalized adults and children. Mechelen is a multicultural city, including around 20%… » read more

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Just a few months after he was enthroned as the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia in February 2009, Kirill I travelled to Istanbul to meet with Bartholomew I of Constantinople, the Ecumenical Patriarch, historically the “first among equals” in the Orthodox Church hierarchy. A mere six years older than Kirill, Bartholomew has held this… » read more

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For about two decades, it appeared that the end of the Cold War in Europe left the Balkan states with no long-term geostrategic option except the so-called Euro-Atlantic integrations underwritten by the ideology known as Atlanticism. This option reached the peak of its strength after NATO’s military intervention in the Bosnian conflict in 1995 (which… » read more

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Entre deux camps

L’horrible massacre à l’Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church à Charleston a déclenché une bataille de camps qui nous a donné le sentiment que la guerre civile ne s’était pas terminée il y a 150 ans. Cinq décennies après l’abolition officielle de la ségrégation dans tous les états américains, des incidents de bigoterie surgissent à plusieurs… » read more

Muslim communities say the decision will spread deep concern and worry. The Swiss government and businesses are worried too – about whether this controversial but democratic ballot will provoke an international backlash. Alan Fisher, Al Jazeera English, “Swiss brace for minaret backlash” What if that backlash were to include a disinvestment or divestment wave among… » read more

USSR Reloaded?

(Third edition)    One man with courage makes a majority. Andrew Jackson     In a historic second referendum on a treaty changing the way the European Community functions (the Treaty of Lisbon amending the Treaty on European Union and the Treaty establishing the European Community (Conference of the Representatives of the Governments of the… » read more

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