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By Juliette Beaulaton and Cristina Cumbreño Feminicide, domestic violence, sexual and economic exploitation, assault, harassment, rape, mutilation, forced marriage… The reality of violence against women and girls is multiform and occurs continuously and systematically in our society. It remains one of the most serious and widespread form of human rights violations. Gender inequality and discrimination… » read more

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AEGEE-Europe strongly opposes the plans of the Hungarian government about the erection of the 176 kms long fence along the Hungarian-Serbian border. The fence itself is not only a too drastic and impractical measure, but it also carries an unwanted  symbolism which is against the fundamental ideals of solidarity, human rights, openness and integration, which… » read more

From June 19 AEGEE has attentively followed the recent stand-off and major public discontent over the increase of the electricity price in Armenia. AEGEE strongly condemns excessive use of force by the Police aimed at dispersing the crowd on the morning of June 23, resulting in arrest of more than 250 civic activists. We are, furthermore,… » read more

On Tuesday 9th June, the commissioner on Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labor Mobility Marianne Thyssen released a statement on policy orientation for a Social Europe pointing out the willingness of the European Commission on “taking the social dimension on board of all its policies”. This willingness is encompassed with the intention of establishing “minimum… » read more

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