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On Sunday 18th March, Russian President Vladimir Putin was reelected for his fourth mandate with the 76% of votes to serve another six-year term, thus until 2024, when he will turn seventy-two years old. Such result was certainly not unexpected: indeed, as stated by Georg Link, Special Co-ordinator and leader of the short-term OSCE observer… » read more

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Emmanuel Macron, a 39 years old former banker from Rothschild and France’s former Minister of the Economy, is likely to become the new President of the French Republic. His victory against the National Front and the French political establishment in the first round of the French Presidential election was largely anticipated by the latest polls,… » read more

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On April 2nd, Serbs were called to the polls to elect a new President. Besides national territory, voting also took place at 90 polling stations in Kosovo and at 53 polling stations in 23 other foreign countries. Aleksandar Vučić, conservative Prime Minister won an impressive victory in Sunday’s first round presidential election by a huge… » read more

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No more papal conclaves. Europeans need a European Presidential Election night. The question is major and burning. A compromise-style designation naturally leads to a chairman-type president, a facilitator.  That structure exists elsewhere; see the Secretariat for the North American Free Trade Agreement. Its mandate is clear: provide administrative assistance to the Commission (Article 2002.3). Let… » read more

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