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This Thursday, July 19, the European Commission decided to strike hard by calling to order different Member States of the Union regarding their commitments on the environment. Spain and Portugal have been asked to adopt strategic noise maps and noise management action plans, in line with the requirements of the European directive on the assessment… » read more

  Posted by EU-Logos

“Eurozone crosses Rubicon as Portugal’s anti-euro Left banned from power” screamed Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in The Daily Telegraph on Friday last week. The Telegraph even followed up with a piece about why Portugal’s situation was a threat to everyone else. Everyone from Daniel Hannan to Owen Jones jumped on it, and even some sensible folks like… » read more

  Posted by Jon Worth Euroblog

After the second vote on prior actions yesterday, the Greek government has achieved to close a big chapter that started last February. Prior actions have passed by the Parliament with absolute majority, as SYRIZA and ANEL coalition government got the support from opposition parties New Democracy, PASOK and The River. For the next 10 days… » read more

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