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Populism lays into reductive statements on topics which may rather be a matter of fear. It concerns the fragilisation of individuals’ identity, perception, imaginary, beliefs… and results in confronting them to an unknown situation[1]. The Unknown, as a projection of what is undetermined[2], is embodied by the Stranger. It can be a source of fascination… » read more

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With the debates over the possibility of future EU membership of the Western Balkans countries, some voices started to rise in the European Commission. This issue does not only bring back questions about the European Union’s values and identity, but it also allows to examine the usage of European ‘Soft Power’ over its own members… » read more

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I gave a speech this week to PES members of the Committee of the Regions about digital communication in the run up to the European Parliament elections. The Q&A with the members was especially interesting, and one question – from a mayor from Greece – prompted me to write this blog post. “What can we… » read more

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A moins de quatre mois des élections européennes de mai 2019, les leaders des partis politiques d’Europe ont lancé leurs campagnes électorales. Tel est le cas en France de Marine Le Pen, leader du parti politique Rassemblement National, et de son collègue et sympathisant italien Matteo Salvini, candidat du parti eurosceptique la Ligue. Début janvier,… » read more

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After much public hesitation, official negotiations between Germany’s conservative CDU/CSU and progressive SPD parties finally begin today. Within the SPD, the issue has polarised the party’s membership, with some supporting another grand coalition and others vehemently opposing it. Internal debates and external analysis typically focus on questions of responsibility – towards the party, the nation,… » read more

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L’Union européenne se retrouve malheureusement engrainée par la montée du populisme de droite qui véhicule des idées conservatrices. Ce conservatisme met en péril l’Etat de droit, les droits humains de manière général, et tout particulièrement les droits des femmes. Difficultés d’accès au marché du travail et aux postes à responsabilités, restriction du droit à disposer… » read more

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Emmanuel Macron, a 39 years old former banker from Rothschild and France’s former Minister of the Economy, is likely to become the new President of the French Republic. His victory against the National Front and the French political establishment in the first round of the French Presidential election was largely anticipated by the latest polls,… » read more

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After a particular campaign often distinguished by anti-Islam, anti-Turkey, and anti-immigration rhetoric, the Dutch vote on the general elections held on Wednesday 15 March proved populists wrong giving another mandate to the Prime Minister Mark Rutte. His People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) managed to see off the anti-immigration Party for Freedom (PVV) led… » read more

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Last Sunday, Austrians were voting for the second time to elect their president. The past elections, in May, had been annulled by the constitutional court following irregularities in the counting procedure in several constituencies. Alexander Van der Bellen, a Green politician who ran as an independent, had then won the elections with a very small… » read more

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This is not the type of blog I usually write. But today is different. Winter is here. How does Twitter react to Donald Trump winning the US election 2016? Have a look at my personal impression of Twitter reactions. It may give you some hope – and perhaps even a brief smile. Will the outcome… » read more

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Folkemødet, Denmark’s annual political festival, brings together politicians, the press, business leaders and advocacy organisations with the public, for four days. This year, it will be invaded by European extremists. Held on the island of Bornholm, and inspired by a Swedish tradition, the June festival is meant to be an informal gathering, which, apart from… » read more

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