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Sod all this cheery coming together lark. I admire Ian Dunt for trying it, but ultimately I do not think it is going to work, not least – as Richard Elwes elegantly points out – so many Remain people rightly feel what happened prior to the referendum was a swindle. Brexit is ultimately taking your… » read more

  Posted by Jon Worth Euroblog

National consensus – these words are missing from Bulgaria’s political vocabulary.  In the midst of bitter political contentions, Bulgaria’s political scene is once again marred by open confrontations, and the bad-blood of back stabbing.  Today, Saturday 11th of May, is the day before the early Bulgarian elections.  In theory, this day should allow quiet time… » read more

Introitus Late January, 2013 marked the onset of the ‘Bulgarian spring,’ as the ‘art of government‘ collided with the force of the public will.  Tumultuous events were ignited when post-socialist, post-EU accession Bulgaria was hit by dauntingly high energy bills.  Public discontent erupted throughout the country; all major cities lit up by strong mass civil… » read more

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