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Poul Nyrup Rasmussen writes The PES – and more recently also the European Parliament – has made a clear demand for new regulation to cover all financial players including hedge funds. In response the European Commission has launched a ‘consultation’ on regulation for hedge funds. It is not what we asked for but it is… » read more

Doing nothing

Separating work and private life seems to be a recurrent subject in my conversations with young Germans. It seems like many of them suffer under the imposed expectations of always having a higher income in the year to come, regardless of how much of their own personality they need to give up to stay tuned with their ambitions. Hence today`s question for some young people from Göttingen: What`s your preferred way relax?

Cheap travelling

The size and age of an average car is one of the biggest differences between Denmark and Germany. Cars in Denmark are very expensive: the newer, the more expensive and the heavier, the more expensive. As a result, many Danes drive around in small, rusty and functional cars. The average German car is fast, smooth, oil-consuming, spotless, scratchless and heavy ? with the exception of exceptions. Fortunately for the environment, many young Germans practice car pooling. And it wouldn`t be Germany if that happened in an unstructured way.

Travel advice.DE

To whoever thought that all of Germany looks the same: it does not. Apart from the language and the car license plates, it may be hard to imagine that Munich, Hamburg and Berlin are all in one country. Germany is the one and only country that separates Switzerland from the North Sea, and Czech Republic from The Netherlands. Seen like this, there would not even be a possibility that Germany is less diverse than it is. That`s how I got to today`s question for people in the streets in Frankfurt: which place in Germany do you like most, and which one do you like least?

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