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Exclusion in the European Union has many different faces. It lies at the very core of identity formation, in which the self is contrasted with ‘the other’. It also has many different consequences. Constructing individuals, groups or even nations as ‘the other’ is a means to build a supposed justification for economic and social exclusion,… » read more

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In the recent news about Greece, there is one issue that keeps on resurfacing: trust. News reports will state that there is a ‘trust gap’ between Greece and the Troika, that creditors don’t trust Greece’s plans and the breakdown of the talks was ultimately caused by a lack of trust between the negotiating parties. In… » read more

Blog by Chris Anderson, University College London   Questions of expert and executive power are at the forefront of longstanding debates on risk regulation in the European Union, but the intimate connections between them too often go unexplored. By employing the theoretical tool of coproduction, those connections can be laid bare, and we can begin… » read more

By ACELG’s P.J. Kuijper It is interesting to note that recent blogposts commenting on Case C-409/13 (Council v Commission) by Steve Peers and Laurens Ankersmit largely take the perspective of the Council and the intervening Member States by presenting this as a constraint upon or a curtailment of the Commission’s presumably unfettered right to withdraw… » read more

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