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Plutôt que de multiplier des leçons de morale et sagesse politiques à l’égard de « l’autre Europe » la Hongrie devrait balayer devant sa porte. Au lendemain des élections hongroises, « réveil douloureux », « malaise » sont les premiers mots qui s’imposent à l’annonce des résultats. Un succès très fort pour Viktor Orban :… » read more

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Today, the Hungarian Parliament voted against a draft amendment to the constitution submitted by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. For him, the amendment was needed to honor the country’s referendum result. Orbán had submitted the amendment after the failure of his referendum on the 2nd of October. This referendum opposed the European Union refugees resettlement scheme,… » read more

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Hungary has never fully adopted the EMU or the Stability and Growth Pact, so the rotating presidency team’s passive attitude is no surprise with the Competitiveness Pact. The Hungarian Presidency came back on track with the extraordinary EU Council on 11 March on Northern Africa. Yesterday Hungary’s European Affairs state secretary, Ms Győri participated on… » read more

While EU media and EU actors are still congratulating Belgium for a successful presidency, Brussels reminds everybody EU president does not presides anything; it is just an honorific title. Indeed, with no government since half a year, Belgium took no initiatives, hence a smooth and model presidency… We know how it works. Brussels represents citizens… » read more

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