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By Juliette Beaulaton and Cristina Cumbreño Feminicide, domestic violence, sexual and economic exploitation, assault, harassment, rape, mutilation, forced marriage… The reality of violence against women and girls is multiform and occurs continuously and systematically in our society. It remains one of the most serious and widespread form of human rights violations. Gender inequality and discrimination… » read more

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United Against Rape

European civil society calls for action against the Turkish government’s recent bill that would release prisoners convicted of sexual assault of minors, if they marry their victims. In the light of recent events and concerning news arriving from the state of democracy and respect of fundamental human rights in Turkey, AEGEE-Europe and the European Youth… » read more

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In the beginning of May, celebrations of Europe Day took place across the continent. Commemorating the 65th anniversary of the Schuman Declaration provided an opportunity for Europe to reflect on all the strides that have been made in terms of cooperation and integration. While it cannot be disputed that significant progress has been made, it… » read more

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