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Apologies or resignations

First, let me cite two quotations: I Question: So, is this mythical sum of €80 billion for Poland within the cohesion policy real? Answer: (…) The estimates are correct, but we know that the atmosphere prior to this discussion is simply terrible. Therefore I would caution against promising any sums. II The greatest danger is […]

The Silence of the Lambs

If the 100 thousands of people did not protest yesterday in front of the Opera in Budapest, few people would really notice the sort of coup d’etat, which was made last year by Victor Orban. I am writing about a coup d’etat since Hungarian Prime Minister and his party Fidesz took over the whole executive, […]

Yesterday in Strasbourg Prime Minister Donald Tusk concluded the Polish Presidency saying more or less the same thing as for its inauguration. But in reality of December, those words sounded more dramatic. The text is well-known, so are the reactions. Among the speakers, the one who stuck most in my memory was Martin Schulz who […]

NIOD Report on Srebrenica

In my previous articles ( “Srebrenica: A Town Betrayed” – Finally a Critical Documentary about Srebrenica Tragedy and Media War of Yugoslav Secession continues ) I covered issues which are challenging the “official” picture about Srebrenica massacre. As expected there is a heated debate in different forums about events itself and about right to show […]

François Hollande clearly won the primaries on the French left. Let me recall that the presidential candidate is elected from among those who are willing to vote and the party suggests the candidates. Hollande is therefore the unquestionable rival number one to the current Head of State. The left wing hopes for success in next […]

The Republic of Cyprus is facing the increasing threat of coming to the need of a bailout as its economy continues to deteriorate. The malignancies of the Cyprus economy are indeed numerous and are found both in private and public sector. Cypriot banks suffer from their exposure to debt-ridden Greece, creating a major source of […]

Greece is practically bankrupt since May 2010 when the country could no longer borrow from the international markets, since interest rates were exorbitant. Ever since Greece has been under a bailout programme by the so-called troika, a collective of technocrats coming from the European Commission the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund. The […]

Spanien: Die Regierung

Die Spanier haben eine neue Regierung gewählt, von der sie nur eines zu erwarten haben: Blut, Schweiß und Tränen. Das Land steckt in der schwersten Wirtschaftskrise seiner jüngeren Geschichte, die Arbeitslosigkeit hat dramatische Ausmaße angenommen. Das massive Votum für die Konservativen des künftigen Ministerpräsidenten Mariano Rajoy spiegelt daher keine politische Aufbruchstimmung, es ist schon eher […]

Guest post by Giuseppe LENZO, MA International Relations (Europe) awarded with Distinction – School of Government and International Affairs, Durham University (UK) After a long ‘reign’ lasted about seventeen years (he was elected Prime Minister the first time in 1994) Berlusconi finally resigned. He took the decision to step down after the loss of majority […]

I look at the poster. On 6th December at the European Parliament will take place an ”Academy” in memory of Leopold Trepper and his giant spy network, which was called by the Nazis the Red Orchestra. In 1942, his spy network had 400 radio stations in European countries, tens of thousands of active agents, and worked for the Soviet military intelligence. Exactly 70 years ago, theAbwehr located its transmitters in Brussels, then arrested and killed part of the management of the network. The boss himself was supposed to continue his work, but now as a double agent. In 1945 Trepper moved from Germany to […]

El debate electoral o pretendido “cara a cara” entre el candidato socialista Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba y el popular Mariano Rajoy, auspiciado por la Academia de la Televisión y difundido por la práctica totalidad de las cadenas del Estado, probablemente solo haya servido para confirmar ante el electorado el resultado que la mayoría de las encuestas […]

Wer im Bodenseeraum lebt, kennt die Bundeswehr schon seit Jahren nur noch aus den Medien – wenn er nicht zufälligerweise direkt mit dem Militär verknüpft ist. Einst vorhandene Standorte sind Geschichte. Dies wird künftig für weitere Gebiete gelten. So bleiben im Dunstkreis der Schwäbischen Alb gerade noch zwei Bundeswehr-Schwerpunkte zurück: Stetten am kalten Markt sowie […]

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