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The lack of a well-defined European identity has framed the diversity of European citizens as a challenge to be overcome rather than an opportunity that must be seized. This has exacerbated political divisions, empowering nationalist sentiments, protectionism and ensuing Euroscepticism, supported by the spread of disinformation and over-reliance on national party proxies. It has also… » read more

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Guest post by Mahama Tawat is Research Associate at the Malmö Institute for Studies of Migration, Diversity and Welfare and Assistant Professor at the Higher School of Economics. One way Hurricane Irma is making waves these days in the US is through the revelation that about half the American population on the mainland does not… » read more

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Genval, 2nd April 2017 – The latest plans of illiberal Hungary aiming to close the Central European University (CEU) can be explained in the context of 2018 general elections. As there is no potent opposition, the government desperately needs permanent war rhetoric & a popular public ennemy. Attacking science and research can however backfire. (source… » read more

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Terrorism wont divide us. Brexit will. Britons your country needs EU. Sharon Leclercq-Spooner   While EURACTIV covered the Rome and London marches, let me add a personal touch. My British wife and I were…separated: I was at the first event, also to attend a number of NGO events and to talk about Eramus4media She of… » read more

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This article is part of a series of papers based on the preliminary results of the 1989 Generation Initiative’s policy cycle “Tackling Populism: Hope over Fear”. The following article is based on the results of the Roundtable “Education for Engagement” at its launching conference. Written by Greta Schmuelling, Content Officer. Knowledge is power, and this… » read more

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Naufrage et langue de bois

Un blog de notre invitée Véronique Likforman, Secrétaire Générale, DLF Bruxelles-Europe. L’Europe pourrait couler, les Européens ne l’écoutent plus ; et presque personne ne se demande s’il ne faudrait pas leur parler une langue qu’ils comprennent : la leur. L’Europe, vingt-quatre langues officielles. Plutôt que s’exprimer chacun dans la sienne pour être parfaitement compris des… » read more

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Democracy and Public Space Debate about the European public sphere, the open space where news is disseminated and debated in the EU, can sometimes seem quite esoteric. Why then have academics and European politicians been so concerned about it? Because the concept is closely linked to some of the most burning questions about the EU,… » read more

  Posted by Fritz Groothues

Jean-Michel Bos [Connect Euranet/ Flickr] Jean-Michel Bos is Editor-in-Chief of Euranet Plus, grouping top national radios like RTBF, Radio 24 and BFM Business, now at risk of stopping. Just before the Commission apparently decided not to renew Euranet Plus’s contract, he spoke with EurActiv Founder Christophe Leclercq, as part of the series #Media4EU .Mr Bos… » read more

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This is a guest post by a group of Science Po students cycling across Europe, aptly called Bicycl’est. You can follow their travels on Facebook and on WordPress. They are documenting their cycling journey across the continent, taking them from France to Poland. We are a group of seven first-year students from Sciences Po Paris,… » read more

  Posted by 1989 Generation Initiative is opening one of its media innovations to other media interested in increasing competitiveness through translated syndication. EurActiv has been a digital media innovator since its birth, as I pointed out when I returned for my current part-time gig here. So I should not have been surprised to see my colleagues’ names in this… » read more

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