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    Guest blog post by Radu Dumitrescu, one of the Editors-in-Chief of The New Federalist. According to Transparency International’s 2017 Corruption Perception Index, Eastern Europe was one of the worst-performing regions of the world, with an average score comparable to that of Central Asia. It is very easy to see why – Belarus, Serbia… » read more

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Europeans from all over the continent convened in The Hague this weekend to celebrate the seventieth anniversary of the Congress of Europe. The 1948 conference marked the beginning of the post-war process of European integration. The participants, whose deliberations stressed the importance of civic engagement in shaping Europe’s future, gathered in the ancient Knight’s Hall… » read more

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Kosovo’s elite might soon be facing justice, if of an imperfect kind. Whether and how justice will be made is up to the EU, writes Andrea Lorenzo Capussela. Guest post by Andrea Lorenzo Capussela. Capussela is the author of State-Building in Kosovo: Democracy, Corruption and the EU in the Balkans and The Political Economy of… » read more

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  Guest post by Tom Parker, CEO of Cambre. Parker is an active member of the British business community in Brussels and is a regular commentator on lobbying practice and the future of the advocacy profession. With an eye to 2019, European Parliament elections and the appointment of a new Commission, Jean Claude Juncker set… » read more

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The European Commission is holding a public consultation to evaluate the Transparency Register that supplies information on EU lobbyists and the policy process. As a professor and trainer in lobbying and a somewhat active analyst, I thought it might be worth sharing my humble opinion. As this is about transparency, I feel it should not… » read more

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par Emmanuel Morucci Peut-on sortir indemne du sommet des Chefs d’états et de gouvernement des 28 pays membres qui s’est tenu ce lundi à Bruxelles? Sans doute pas. Pas sûr, en effet, que les citoyens européens s’y retrouvent. Encore moins certain que ces derniers augmentent leur degré de confiance dans le projet européen. J’utilise volontiers… » read more

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Prepping for AfterTrump

So you think “President Trump” is the worst case scenario? The rise of American authoritarianism provides the best article I’ve read explaining the Rise of Trump, even if it’s a bit longer than previous favourites. It covers psychological research into authoritarianism, the profile characterized by a desire for order and a fear of outsiders: “People… » read more

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There is a battle of wills underway in Malta. The current Labour government has faced many accusations of incompetence and corruption in it’s short time in power, but without hard evidence, they remain just accusations. Recently however, those accusations have stepped up several notches. Malta really only has four sources of written news reporting –… » read more

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Dropping the ballast

European Union is not sailing the waves of multiple crises particularly well. It is still floating, but just barely, patching things up and dropping the ballast. Last year, when the existence of Eurozone was (again) in question, Greece was ritually sacrificed. It´s new government had to swallow a bitter – and largely counter-productive – medicine,… » read more

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La pasada semana se celebraba en Estrasburgo, en la sesión plenaria del Parlamento Europeo, el debate sobre el Estado de la Unión. Correspondió al presidente de la Comisión, Jean-Claude Juncker, trazar en su discurso el marco de situación en que nos hallamos y la estrategia para afrontar los principales a los que se enfrenta la… » read more

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  The Risk-Monger attended an event today on lobbying transparency hosted by the European Ombudsman entitled: Is Brussels the new Washington DC? For almost two hours, the room was forced to listen to talk about how to offset the influence of evil industry lobbyists – I was standing with the microphone in my hand, itching… » read more

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