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Hostility between Israel and Iran — over the US-Iranian nuclear control agreement — has never been worse.  Israel has made an intensive lobby against the deal.  From Iranian side according to New York Post report, Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is author of 416-page book advocating long-term, low-intensity warfare to wear down Israeli Jews… » read more

  After 18 months of negotiating, Iran has come to a preliminary agreement – on 2nd Apr. 2015 – with China, Russia, France, UK, US and Germany (P5+1) on Tehran’s nuclear program. Niw the framework agreement is made but the negotiations for a final deal will continue through June 30th 2015. In brief according the… » read more

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Quand les médias s’intéressent à l’Iran, ils n’en ont que pour le nucléaire. C’est le sujet favori, le chouchou des unes. L’inquiétude des Occidentaux à l’égard de la fabrication supposée d’armes nucléaires en Iran est fondée, mais à ce stade, on peut la qualifier d’obsessionnelle. Tant et si bien que les autres dossiers sur lesquels… » read more

Turkmenistan has broken Russia’s stranglehold on its gas exports by opening a pipeline through Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan to China. The country’s president Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has just made his first trip to New Delhi where the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India natural gas pipeline project was discussed. Earlier this year a short pipeline was opened in order to increase exports to Iran, and gas is in the process of being identified for eventual export to Europe via a Trans-Caspian Gas Pipeline and the EU’s Southern Corridor. The era of Russian control over the country’s exports is over, and Ashgabat is taking care to make certain that it is not squeezed between Moscow and Beijing.

Energy conferences in the Caspian Sea region have come so fast and furious in recent years that some industry and government figures consider them a dime a dozen. In fact, the organizers are sometimes the ones who draw most advantage from them, in view of steep fees for participation. Nevertheless, the current International Oil and Gas Conference and Exhibition looks to be an exception. It is the seventeenth in the series hosted in Baku.

Griechenland Es gibt Zeiten, da passiert so viel in einer Woche, dass man schon fast nicht mehr mit dem Schreiben nachkommt. Mein Ausblick auf die Woche des Europaparlaments in Straßburg ließ schon viel betriebsame Hektik vermuten und die zugespitzte Lage in Griechenland machte einen Sondergipfel des Rates notwendig. In den Straßen von Athen wurden EU-Flaggen… » read more

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