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Une PME qui s’ouvre, qui utilise les nouveaux outils web de façon efficace, est capable d’utiliser les réseaux comme un bras de levier. Cette petite ou moyenne entreprise peut, si elle en prend conscience de cette capacité, étendre considérablement son rayon d’action, sa vision et son champs de prospection stratégique. Tel est l’un des messages du livre “Small Business Intelligence”, publié ces jours-ci.

The final report of the Key enabling technologies was published late on Wednesday (28 June). This expert group was set up by the European Commission to examine how European industry can maintain or gain a competitive edge through deploying these industrial technologies of the future: micro- and nanoelectronics, advanced materials, industrial biotechnology, photonics, nanotechnology and… » read more

En 2000, à peine 10% des efforts en matière d’innovation et de recherche & développement (R&D) du groupe Procter & Gamble étaient confiés à des tiers. En 2010, 60% de l’innovation produite par P&G est initiée de l’extérieur. Cette évolution implique aujourd’hui un modèle de pilotage de l’innovation différent de ce qui existait dans le passé, où seuls le laboratoire interne et le “invented here” comptaient. Elle induit, par ailleurs, de nouveaux systèmes de mesure.

This is the second of my three wishes for the planning process for the Eighth Framework Programme (FP8) and it is addresses some of the challenges that RTD have been trying to address in FP6 and FP7. My wish is to implement a structural incentive for researchers to work more closely with civil society organisations. […]

József Szájer, MEP and founding member for Fidesz, the Hungarian governing party that has secured a two-thirds supermajority with 53% of the votes in 2010 boasts that the Hungarian constitution is written on iPad. Actually, on his iPad. Mr Szájer is a member of the European Parliament, and also the leader of the committee that… » read more

For the last 40 years Europe has been struggling for a single patent comparable to patents issued by the US Patent Office. The patents granted by the European Patent Office in Munich are only valid in the 37 signatory countries of the 1973 European Patent Convention, after due translation into the respective national languages. This… » read more

This story about a proposed compromise to bring about an EU patent deal, was published by EurActiv on 11th October 2010. The Belgian EU Presidency will try to narrow the distance between national delegations on the long-standing issue of languages and translations during a meeting of EU ministers starting today (11 October) in Luxembourg. In… » read more

We need to boost the Erasmus, Socrates and Galileo programmes. If we do not significantly increase the number of exchanges carried out under these programmes, we cannot hope to arrive at a true European awareness amongst our citizens. First of all, we need to increase the budget devoted to these programmes. (For example, the current… » read more

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