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High income and wealth of the rich is ultimately the reflection of their higher productivity and innovativeness, says classic economic theory. More and more economists are questioning this paradigm, with some important potential implications for the mix of fiscal, social and innovation policy. Joseph Stiglitz has long been involved in the 1% vs. 99% debate both […]

When the Commission issued its proposal for the 2013 budget of the EU, probably it did not know how timely the priorities included in it would become. With the good old growth versus fiscal discipline debate reloaded, the question about how much public money should be spent on innovation will probably get increased attention. Eurostat […]

By Paul Everitt Europe is facing major political, social and economic challenges. The aftershocks of the 2008 financial crisis continue to reverberate around national governments and European institutions. There is uncertainty in financial markets, increasing public discontent at the squeeze on living standards and concern for the future of the growing number of unemployed, particularly […]

Author: Stefan Alievikj Nowadays the society is hungry for innovation. Innovations are needed in each field and circle of the society and they are crucial for our movement towards smarter and sustainable future. At the university St Cyril and Methodius in Skopje, Macedonia, two teachers had come up with few ideas how to bring innovations […]

Im Zuge der Wirtschaftskrise in Europa hat Deutschland seine Nachbarn in einen neuen Fiskalpakt gedrängt, gefordert, dass andere Regierungen harte Sparmaßnahmen ergreifen, privaten Investoren, die griechische Anleihen halten Verluste aufgezwungen und geholfen, unkooperative Politiker aus dem Amt zu drängen. Für die Forderung, dass andere Nationen diese bittere Medizin schlucken, hat Berlin selbst einen Preis gezahlt: […]

Le modèle coworking est né d’abord d’initiatives individuelles. Aujourd’hui, des espaces de coworking sont mis en oeuvre dans d’autres contextes : c’est le réseau social physique, ou réseau social 3D. Des campus d’université, des développeurs urbains, des centres de recherche, des incubateurs et même des entreprises mettent sur pied des espaces de coworking pour favoriser l’interaction, la créativité, l’échange et la collaboration.

Building the Sino-European Future China drives world business. As the world’s fastest-growing major economy, the largest exporter and the second largest importer, all roads lead to the Middle Kingdom. Today’s business leaders understand the global role of China. The opportunities to grasp the global trends and immerse oneself in the fascinating world of growing Chinese […]

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