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Almost three years ago, on 25 July 2008, the European Court of Justice ruling on the Metock case engendered reverse discrimination in those Member States where national legislation on family reunification is stricter than what provided by European law, namely by directive 2004/38. Therefore, in such Member States, EU nationals exercising their right to free… » read more

Last month, 23 July, the Italian Constitutional Court declared inadmissible and unfounded the Italian Government appeal against the Tuscany regional law on reception, integration and protection of third country nationals approved on 9 June 2009. Although the Italian Government appealed alleging that the Tuscany region exceeded its competence, the real reason was that the regional… » read more

The migration of workers to the European countries has been on the rise for the last few decades but several divergences on the issue have hindered the implementation at the EU level of measures guaranteeing a common set of rights for all migrant workers. Beyond the phenomenon of irregular migrants working in undeclared labour, which… » read more

Following my previous contribution, I would like to add some relatively good news stemming from the second European Integration Forum, organised by the European Commission along with the European Economic and Social Committee and that was held on 12 and 13 November. Even though at the institutional level important proposals as the directive on a… » read more

The Swedish EU Presidency’s proposal for the 5-year programme for freedom, security and justice, most notably the Stockholm Programme, has raised divergent opinions by the Members of the European Parliament. Mr. Albrecht from Greens considered that the Programme contains more and more preventive measures when Mr. Borghezio claimed that the programme “lacked a judicial response… » read more

No news is not good news

The Swedish Minister for Migration and Asylum Policy, Mr. Tobias Billstrom, presented to the European Parliament the priorities of the Swedish Government during the last LIBE Committee. Firstly, the Swedish Minister recalled to the audience the growing importance of well-managed immigration policies, maintaining the idea that if EU wants to achieve the Lisbon strategy’s goals,… » read more

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