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This year is particularly important for aviation’s climate action. This week, representatives of the world’s governments will convene at the 39th International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Assembly to enter into final negotiations on a global scheme for offsetting aviation CO2 emissions. If they agree on a measure, commercial aviation will be the first sector to… » read more

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Governments, industry and environmental groups meeting at the United Nations specialised agency, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), have finalised the design of the first global certification standard for CO2 emissions from new aircraft on 8th February. The agreement on a rigorous and challenging ICAO “CO2 Standard” is the result of six years’ work by… » read more

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Greener Skies

It is set to be a critical year for the world’s commercial aviation sector. By the end of 2016, the International civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), a UN agency, will endorse a global standard for CO2 that all new aircraft will have to meet. This year, the ICAO will also approve the industry’s first worldwide carbon-offsetting… » read more

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Author: Air Transport Action Group (ATAG) Next week, aviation experts from within the industry alongside interested parties from governments and other organisations will gather together in Geneva to attend the 8th Global Sustainable Aviation Summit. Since it was first held in 2005, the summit has become the main global forum for discussing issues relating to… » read more

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This blogpost by Andrew Murphy, aviation policy officer at Transport & Environment, was first published by RTCC The gripping Solar Impulse flight, and the news that Airbus has patented a plane that can fly from Paris to Tokyo in under 3 hours, shows that 100 years after the Wright Brothers, the aviation industry remains one… » read more

by Bill Hemmings, aviation manager at Transport & Environment As the crowds admire all the new aircraft and high-tech displays at Paris Bourget this week, it’s important to remember that the aviation sector faces a serious and growing challenge if it is to adequately rise to the climate change challenge. International aviation emissions have grown 90… » read more

There is a lot of work taking place throughout the aviation industry to reduce the level of CO2 emissions associated with its operations. This work takes many forms, including the continuous implementation of new technologies, operational efficiencies and green infrastructure projects. One aspect, however, which perhaps doesn’t get as much attention, is the ongoing international… » read more

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