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A recent BBC Panorama report shows the evident lack of science in Greenpeace’s position on GMOs. Former head of Greenpeace UK calls their position “morally unacceptable”. Kumi Naidoo needs to show leadership and accept the science on GMOs.

On Earth Day, the Risk-Monger has decided to defend environmentalists. In this blog he will show that they are not criminals but merely social deviants and, unlike many Western politicians, feels that they should not be incarcerated for their campaigns.

Polish miners savagely attacked a peaceful Greenpeace Poland demonstration today at the Jó?win IIB mine in Konin. Greenpeace activists where raising awareness about the Government’s  myopic energy policy that sees no other source of power generation than coal. This blind policy has also been fuelling tensions among European leaders as the Polish Government has been bullying other countries to give them more… » read more

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