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Visitors mass in Hua Hin to pay tribute to beloved monarch Thousands upon thousands of people, dressed in yellow, gathered at different locations to mark Coronation Day yesterday, with the biggest ceremony held in the resort town of Hua Hin, where His Majesty the King currently resides. Yesterday marked His Majesty’s 64th year on the… » read more

Introitus Late January, 2013 marked the onset of the ‘Bulgarian spring,’ as the ‘art of government‘ collided with the force of the public will.  Tumultuous events were ignited when post-socialist, post-EU accession Bulgaria was hit by dauntingly high energy bills.  Public discontent erupted throughout the country; all major cities lit up by strong mass civil… » read more

Bulgaria’s constitution includes a wide range of social rights. However, the ‘democratic, law-governed and social state’ has been characterized as ‘chronically incapable of coping with its social problems or improving its level of economic prosperity’.  Moreover, the Bulgarian ‘minimal state’ often cannot provide its citizens even with basic necessities, such as food, electricity, central heating,… » read more

“Countries don´t go Bust”   (Walter Wriston, Citibank chairman 1970s) Vancouver, 25. Februar 2010   Das Bild geht mir seit Tagen nicht aus dem Kopf: Der australische Magier und Illusionskünstler Cosentino ließ sich in der vergangenen Woche mit 60 Kilo Zement an den Füßen – sowie in Fußeisen und Handschellen verpackt – in das Haifischbecken des Aquariums von Melbourne versenken.  … » read more

USSR Reloaded?

(Third edition)    One man with courage makes a majority. Andrew Jackson     In a historic second referendum on a treaty changing the way the European Community functions (the Treaty of Lisbon amending the Treaty on European Union and the Treaty establishing the European Community (Conference of the Representatives of the Governments of the… » read more

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