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Europe is blind to its longer-term interests in defence and foreign affairs, claim two speeches in London this week. Former NATO Secretary General George Robertson and Douglas Alexander, foreign affairs spokesman for the British Labour Party, both cast…

Nea Say a suivi la saga du permis unique ( ), la « guerre des deux roses » entre la commission des affaires sociale menée par sa présidente, Pervenche Bérès, et la commission des libertés civiles (LIBE) qui, chef de file, avait voté à une quasi unanimité en faveur du rapport de Véronique Mathieu (PPE). Il s’agit […]

Aus Wen Jiabaos Rundreise erwachsen für Europa zwei zentrale Erkenntnisse: zum einen die Bestätigung des Interesses Pekings an einer Unterstützung der Volkswirtschaften am Rand der Union, das darin zum Ausdruck kommt, dass (die Chinesen) zuverlässig deren Staatsobligationen kaufen; wahrscheinlich beruht dies auf der Absicht, Einfluss auf die schwächsten Glieder in der europäischen Kette zu gewinnen, […]

al-Assad speaks before the Syrian Parliament. Source FPB The uprising in Syria is still underway for more than 100 days now as the brute force of the oppressive Assad regime continues to escalate, since more protesters are being killed. Syrian refugees in Turkey amount to 10.000 according to the Turkish authorities and up to 30.000 […]

Activist prepare to set sail. (AP Photo/Darko Bandic) Yesterday Friday July 1 2011, the Greek authorities prohibited vessels heading to Gaza, from leaving the Greek ports. The excuse provided by the authorities was that it was not safe for the activist flotilla to move forward, while the activists argued from their side that neither the […]

REMDH s’interroge : les migrants, les grands perdants de la nouvelle stratégie européenne à l’égard des pays du sud de la Méditerranée qui tentent la démocratie ? Son comité exécutif s’est réuni du 24 au 26 juin au Caire et a fait connaitre son désaccord profond avec les résultats du Conseil européen (cf. autre information). « Il est […]

At the end of past week former Ukrainian premier Yulia Tymoshenko went on the trial. She is accused of abusing power while signing the 2009 gas agreements with Russia and can be sentenced for 7-10 years of imprisonment. This is one of the two intriguing processes, each of that to have substantial consequences for the […]

Le Conseil et le Parlement sont parvenus le 22 juin à un compromis sur la révision du Règlement de l’agence de coopération et des gestion des frontières externes de l’UE, compromis attendu depuis longtemps et salué par le Conseil européen des 23 et 24 juin derniers. En vertu de ce compromis, l’agence Frontex sera dotée […]

From June 10 the Syrian army began a siege on Jisr-al Shughour, NW Syria; local residents expected a massacre, proportional to the Hama massacre and in one week nearly 10.000 Syrians have escaped to Turkey. International media and public diplomacy is giving its high-flown statements about humanitarian crisis, some states may even demand to activate […]

When it comes to geopolitics, few major shifts are more important than the emergence of an Islamic democracy in Turkey. Long resisted by the Turkish military and its western allies, the accession to power of Erdogan’s AKP party in 2002 has provoked major changes for the better in Turkey’s economic performance, institutional architecture and foreign […]

The ability of we Europeans to provide for our own defence has been increasingly in doubt since the end of the cold war. I well remember George Robertson, when he was NATO Secretary General, contrasting the size of Europe’s military forces, running i…

Smuggling as usual

A little over six months ago, Romania and Bulgaria’s applications to join the Schengen zone were delayed by the political leadership of the EU’s most powerful states like Germany and France. In the eyes of these countries’ officials and intelligence experts, Bulgaria and Romania are not yet in a position to efficiently police their own […]

WTO trade negotiations are not brisk endeavors. However even by the WTO’s own lethargic standards, the progress of the current Doha round has been disappointingly slow. As a new paper by Aaditya Mattoo, Francis Ng, and Arvind Subramani explains, the main reason for this is the “elephant in the green room” – China. According to […]

As a regular user of internet services as well as a content provider, I was very interested in last week’s e-G8 summit. The idea of bringing together the chieftains of the internet industry and the world’s most powerful political leaders seems a step in the right direction. The internet as a platform and applications such […]

During the past 10 years the international community has witnessed a bizarre spectacle of two parallel negotiating processes. The negotiations on the Doha Development Round that have started in 2001 as a reaction to the terror attack on the World Trade Centre in New York. These negotiations, involving all the 150-odd WTO member countries, aim […]

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