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As the attention of the international public opinion over the last month has been focused on the developments in Libya, the Gulf kingdoms have been busy repressing pro-democracy protests, from Manama to Sanaa. Headed by Saudi Arabia, who provides the military force or the money, Persian Gulf rulers are hoping to avoid the long overdue… » read more

Air strikes in Libya began in the wake of the UNSC resolution. In my opinion, the Security Council’s “Responsibility to protect” principle (R2P) could be applied if Gaddafi used weapons of mass destruction – such as mustard gas (almost ten tonnes in his possession), bioweapons, “yellow-cake” uranium, Scud-B missiles, or if he (with the help… » read more

Japón sufre con dignidad su tragedia mientras los mercados especulan miserablemente con su reconstrucción. El país del Sol Naciente ha sufrido la mayor tragedia de su historia desde el lanzamiento sobre Hiroshima y Nagasaki de las bombas mundiales en 1945.

The hopes for Europe speaking and acting with one voice in the world that had been nourished with the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty and the installation of the European External Action Service have taken a serious battering over the UNSEC vote on a no-fly zone over Libya March 17th.

Conferences, in our experience, can be very boring, but one that we found ourselves at last month was really thought-provoking. The subject was that old ‘chestnut’ of how to get development aid to Africa. It could have been a mind-numbing experience, despite the continued urgency of the issue, but it was transformed by the vitality… » read more

Wie die “Farbrevolutionen” und deren Wurzeln im Bereich der ehemaligen Sowjetunion sind die “Jasminrevolutionen” das Produkt eines sehr spezifischen soziopolitischen Umfeldes. Unverantwortliche Führer, schlechtes Regierungshandeln, eine grundlegende Identitätskrise, wirtschaftliche und politische Frustration ebenso wie das Versagen der westlichen politischen Strategie im Nahen Osten sind einige der Elemente, die die radikalen sozialen Bewegungen erklären, welche die… » read more

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