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Building the Energy Union, the European Commission pretends that all is well for renewables in Croatia and unnecessarily fixates on diversifying gas supply instead of managing demand. by Toni Vidan, Energy programme co-ordinator at Zelena Akcija, Croatia; cross-posted from the Bankwatch blog In a series of blog posts, Bankwatch campaigners are weighing in on the… » read more

To make sure Latvia’s energy path does not lead into a dead end for sustainability, the Energy Union should facilitate alternatives to unsustainable fuelwood. by Juris Dilba, cross-posted from the Bankwatch blog (Image by Artis Pupins – CC BY 2.0) In a series of blog posts, Bankwatch campaigners are weighing in on the implications that… » read more

As investors and officials are promoting a gas pipeline project from the Caspian Sea to Italy, the systematic repression of human rights in Azerbaijan is hardly on the official agenda. The Aliyev regime’s weakly veiled attempts to muzzle dissent illustrate how even the most repressive governments are acceptable partners for Europe’s pet energy projects. by… » read more

Ukraine: Trends of the week Issue N. 7/15 April 10 – April 19, 2015 Socio-politic top trend: Ukraine is Moving to Social Explosion Fake government’s reform increase social dissatisfaction of Ukraine’s citizens. One major factor is the growing social tensions because of the tariff policy in the housing and communal infrastructure sector. In the near… » read more

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