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With the reform introduced by the Treaty of Lisbon (ToL) in 2007, the Union has developed the competence in integrated management for the EU’s external borders. The underpinning idea is that, since Schengen abolished every internal control, external borders shall be subject to a more coordinated regulation by both the European Union and the Member… » read more

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This is a guest blog post by Olaf Böhnke, head of the Berlin office of the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR), and Darius Reinhardt, a Berlin-based researcher who focuses on EU affairs and the Middle East. Reports about the innumerable numbers of drowned refugees in the Mediterranean Sea have become a permanent part of our… » read more

Que el ser humano es uno de los animales que más mata a sus congéneres y que permanece más insesible a la muerte de los que le rodean, no precisa de sesudos estudios de antropólogos o biólogos, nuestra trágica historia sobre el planeta lo avala. Tal vez sea ese uno de los secretos que ha… » read more

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